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Create an office space that’s personal to you

Whether it’s a spare room, a nook under the stairs or small alcove in the lounge, the home office should be a place designed for productivity and calm.

Just because it’s one of the most practical rooms in the home, doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on style. Adding a splash of colour and inspired decorative touches can create a more enjoyable, motivating atmosphere to work in.

With a huge range of bespoke colour options and finishes available, designing your perfect home office is an ideal way of injecting a little personality into your home.

Combining areas of timber finish, with stylish, cool blue tones, breathes a sense of calm and serenity into this Roma Study design. By incorporating the pops of colour onto only a few panels you create lasting style without detracting from the practicality and simplicity of the overall design.

Built in storage options for both functional and decorative purposes can also help you keep a clear mind. Hide unwanted clutter, organise paperwork, display books and meaningful mementos by using a mixture of open and closed shelving, allowing you to utilise every last inch of space.

Our Roma Contemporary Study uses colour with contrasting finishes and incorporates a peninsula desk, cable management and integrated lighting to perfectly fit all the client’s home office needs.

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