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Achieve the Perfect Work/Life Balance with Bespoke Modern Study Furniture

Finding space for home study furniture is easier than you might think. It’s surprising how many homes have unused areas that can be transformed into useful places – all it takes is a little imagination and practical application.

These days more and more of us are working flexibly; with many people preferring to work remotely rather than face a lengthy commute. Some statistics show that up to 50% of us will work from home by 2020*. Working from home is a great way to save time and money on travelling but in order to perform most effectively, it helps to have a dedicated workspace that won’t encroach on your home life.

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The Brief

We were recently approached by a professional couple who wanted to transform a spare ground floor room they were already using as workspace into a dedicated home office with space for two desks. Each workstation would need to have its own identity, with bespoke storage for his and her professional work, without looking or feeling cramped or restrictive. On this occasion, our designer, Ian, was briefed to create a functional, clutter-free space that would be modern, symmetrical and flowing with light.

Before the Transformation


After with Bespoke Home Study Furniture


The benefit of using a designer is that he or she can see opportunities in challenging spaces, especially where there isn’t a lot of room or where there are architectural restrictions – in this case, there were two external walls with windows. Ian was able to take this feature into consideration, positioning the desks in such a way that the glare from the sun wouldn’t obscure their computer screens. He included both clients at every stage of the design process, helping to inspire their ideas and listening to what each of them wanted.

“Ian made us feel very relaxed about how we could transform the office. He was able to integrate distinctly different work spaces into a beautifully seamless design.”
Client comment

Study Furniture

Dual Office Space

It was important for our client to have an organised space that could be kept neat and tidy with little effort. Bespoke open and closed storage, specifically designed for a purpose helps whoever is sat at the desk to stay in control of the workspace. The desks were joined together to integrate the separate areas. This technique also allowed Ian to create unobtrusive, low-level storage for cabinets, drawers and an open unit with a pull-out shelf for the printer.

Precision Fit and Finishes

Home Study Furniture

Our clients selected a wood finish which complements the room’s existing wooden flooring. Individual stationery drawers, as well as the higher level doors, are highlighted in our exclusive paint colour, Mayflower. The combination of the warm wood and Mayflower gives additional visual depth. The handles are from our Linea collection which add interest and the finishing touch to the overall design.

“It’s really symmetrical, which is what I wanted, but with two walls with windows I wasn’t sure that this could be achieved. The desk position is great because the sun can’t cause glare on the screens. We’ve both got what we want from this room and we’re very happy.”
Client comment

Dual Office

Dual Office Space

Study furniture is an investment that in some cases could pay for itself as you’ll be reducing the time and money that you spend on travel. It’s also a useful selling point as a dedicated home office is becoming increasingly more important to potential buyers.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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