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Home Office Design Throughout the Years

As creators of The Original Home Office design over 35 Years ago, there is nothing we don’t know about designing the perfect home working environment.

The Neville Johnson business was founded on our expertise for furniture design that not only delivers a high level of comfort and practical storage but creates ingenious solutions for awkward shaped rooms, unusual architecture, small or large spaces and everything in between.

Neville Johnson Original Home Office

We have seen work spaces go from traditional statement studies, with partner desks, often favoured by private consultants and barristers, through to contemporary minimal areas within open plan properties that cater for the cloud computing generation, who have very little need for large amounts of storage but are seeking a stylish space dedicated to working at home.

2020 has been a year of change for us all, and recent research revealed that 60% of the UK workforce believe that the world of work will never be the same again. Over half of the British workforce have been enlightened of the benefits of working from home. Instead of becoming a nation enslaved to battling through the commute for up to 4 hours a day, we have now realised that the time can be used in a positive, more productive way. A recent survey by Deloitte (May 2020) found that when asked what made working from home a positive experience, 76% said not having to commute as the top reason. This was followed by having more flexibility (43%) and being able to spend more time with the family (39%).

Neville Johnson Original Home Office Then and Now

Neville Johnson Original Home Office Then and Now

Gone are the days where the office landscape was defined by cubicles, piles of paperwork and bulky filing units. At Neville Johnson, our innovative solutions have been key to creating dedicated office designs that move with the times. With the traditional office era coming to an end, we look at how our home office designs have changed throughout the years and will continue to do so as companies see the benefits of employees working from home.

Modern Dual Home Office Design

A stark contrast from our Original Home Office Design, this modern office boasts dual desk space, stylish wall-mounted TV so the clients can keep up-to-date with current affairs while working and sleek cabinetry where tech can be housed without any visible cables. As well as maximising space with intelligent storage solutions, we are also continuously updating our designs to fit modern work requirements.

Tech in Home Office Design

Tech plays a big part in our working lives, especially when working remotely. According to research by Office for National Statistics (ONS) during the period April to June 2019, 90.7% of 86.7% of those working from home said they could not work without tech including both a phone or computer. With home working set to increase across industries, these percentages are set to remain similar. The demand for daily video conference calls, multiple screen usage, charging points, and space for high-speed Wi-Fi routers mean considering tech is a priority and factored in when it comes to designing a modern home office.

Inspired Understairs Study

Greater Productivity with Considered Storage

Almost every house has an opportunity for a study. Even if you can’t spare an entire room, there could be an untapped space that’s perfect for setting-up everything you need to work comfortably. Over the years, we’ve developed built-in storage solutions that can take advantage of spaces that other furniture cannot.

This understairs study is equipped with all you need for a productive day in the office. Requirements for the home office have certainly changed over the past 30 years. One habit we’re more than happy to adopt is paperless working— no loose bills, notes and work documents cluttering our desks. If you have an open-plan space or nook you want to transform into a home office, going paperless means less closed storage and more room for streamlines desks and space to add a little personality. A few habits you can adopt when creating a minimal workspace include scanning documents, using file-syncing services, dedicated apps for to-do lists and cloud storage instead of masses of paper filing cabinets.

Dedicated Loft Space

Businesses who are able to embrace the technology and flexible working style are seeing an increase in productivity with better interpersonal engagement and improved well-being. Recruitment opportunities are now open to employers and employees alike. If you are able to fulfil a role remotely, you can work with anyone, regardless of geographical location. Add to that the benefits of a reduced real estate footprint, and the home working movement is providing a much needed positive outcome, from what has been a challenging year.

Bespoke Spaces Fit for the Job

The last few months have reinforced the importance of multifunctionality in the home. With the whole family living, working and socialising under one roof, a separate home office is high on the list for many homeowners. A perfect demonstration of our bespoke approach to design, and how you can fit a home office into just about any space, this made-to-measure study furniture has been seamlessly fitted to the eaves of this loft. Not only does bespoke design maximise the available storage space, but it makes the furniture appear as much a natural part of the home.

Living Room Home Office Design

At Neville Johnson, we believe our clients are individuals, each with their own unique brief, which is why all our furniture is designed and built to order. We carefully assess and discuss your practical needs as well as your aspirations. Whatever interior style you prefer our designers will create a millimetre perfect design solution that is not only comfortable and efficient but incredibly stylish, adding value to your home and your lifestyle.

View more of our designs for home office furniture and study furniture or for more information regarding ourdesign process and to discover all of our latest home office ideas, request a free brochure today.