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At-Home Escapism: Finding a Tranquil Space for Relaxation

As we’re living in turbulent times, our homes demand more thought when carving out a space for relaxation. Although you can’t hide from the world altogether, you can embrace at-home escapism by creating calming spaces for a zen-like feel and indulging in your very own personal paradise.

What Is Escapism?

Escapism is about creating spaces where you can truly escape from the stress of daily life. We can use escapism as a tool to promote tranquillity and positivity. We realise now more than ever that life is all about balance. Retreating to a calm personal sanctuary in our home isn’t about neglecting our feelings, these spaces offer us an opportunity to reset and recharge, promoting positive wellbeing and self-care.

 Bright and Spacious Lounge

Consciously making an effort to improve our well being and self-care is essential when feeling anxious, tired and stressed. As a place to escape, our home needs to evoke positivity and calm. Considered, well-designed spaces will immediately affect your mood. Savills research recently predicted an active prime housing market, fuelled by buyers in search of homes and communities that offer sanctuary, space and at-home escapism. Here at Neville Johnson, we understand how to make your home feel like a personal retreat through balanced design, clever colourways and beautiful details.

Reconnecting with Friends and Family

Your lounge is usually the number one place to escape, and although technology can sometimes be distracting, it now plays a huge role in connecting ourselves to others. We are embracing the latest technology to reconnect and socialise with those around us. Creating comfortable, relaxing environments to catch up and reminisce over shared memories.

As well as keeping in touch with loved ones The Guardian mentions resilient performers, institutions, galleries, even entire art fairs, are moving to the digital arena, using streaming services and virtual reality, manifesting live concerts, organising Instagram dance parties and launching online-only spaces. With this advancement in the way we connect with the world, there is a demand for bespoke solutions that can hide away technology at the end of the day, creating a harmonious living space without distraction.

 Modern Open Plan Living Space

Our popular Levigo range is an excellent solution for all areas of the home, whether that’s a lounge, snug, gym or loft. With the addition of a Parroso Pewter feature back panel, this design is not only practical but incredibly stylish too. The juxtaposition of a concrete style finish with a neutral paint colour, and integrated lights can create an instantly inviting backdrop.

A Moment of Reflection

Others of us are using this moment in time for self-reflection, tucking ourselves away in a natural light-filled space with a good book, listening to music or immersing ourselves in virtual experiences while adventures are put on hold.

Sometimes we need to just ‘switch off’. Creating a cosy reading corner or a dedicated library can give you a space in which to wind down away from the distractions of TVs, laptops, work and social media. A well-designed reading space or snug, no matter the size can have a wonderful effect on your mood and mental health.

Modern Library Furniture

Our modern white library design oozes sanctuary-like vibes. Its neutral colour palette with contrasting shades of green creates interest whilst still feeling calm. When using whites and lighter colours, we always suggest using shades with warmth to create a more inviting homely feel. Bright whites and cooler tones can feel sterile and unwelcoming. When trying to promote positivity in any space, especially when thinking about in-home escapism, you need elements of comfort and personality. The open shelving combined with clusters of closed storage allows you to go clutter-free, while still displaying memories and treasured pieces.

Here’s How to Create a Sanctuary in Your Own Home

1. Cut the Clutter

Little changes can make a big difference – especially to how energy flows through your home from one room into another. We all have books we ‘mean to read’, paperwork we need to sort out or objects we’ve been given as gifts or have bought on impulse. It’s thought that living in a cluttered environment can increase stress levels, so it makes sense to set aside time to get organised. This doesn’t mean your house has to be spotless, this itself can induce stress; all you need to do is dedicate closed storage areas for clutter that you use regularly. Other high traffic areas such as the hallway and lounge should be tidied as soon as you start seeing mess pile up. By spending ten minutes each day keeping on top of the mess, you’ll save stress and hours of organising down the line.

 Bright and Spacious Lounge

2. Colours That Resonate with You

Colour can have a surprising effect on your mood and overall feel of your home. Consider the function of a room and the mood you want to portray before choosing your palette.

Simple and understated, warming neutrals are a fantastic base to build on with accent colours and tactile textures. You can add interest with rugs, artwork, cushions and statement pieces of furniture. Raw materials or vintage pieces can also offset light neutral finishes creating a wonderfully homely feel. Reconnect with nature using green. This earthy colour will be a key colour group throughout 2021 with shades such as Dulux’s colour of the year 2020 Tranquil Dawn, mossy greens, olive and sage being the ones to watch.

3. Work with Light

Think about how daylight flows into your home. Do you have a fabulous window that lets light flood in? Could it work without drapes or blinds? Letting in more light flow and allowing nature to become a feature could give the illusion of more space, improving your mood and overall atmosphere in the room. Natural light is also proven to provide you with a Vitamin D boost, so increasing the amount of light in your space to unwind can be hugely beneficial.

4. Warmth

As well as furnishing your personal sanctuary with tactile textures and cosy furniture, it would help if you also thought about warmth. Cold draughts and harsh surfaces can make a space feel uncomfortable and unappealing. If your room has lots of windows, opt for heavier thermal window solutions or blinds to stop heat loss. Break up harsh surfaces with soft styling for a soothing ambience. If you have the space, then a focal fireplace can create the ultimate cosy environment.

Using natural woods, layered materials and textures can exude a sense of warmth and grounding within your space. Whatever the size of your retreat, raw materials combined with natural light can be used to create a harmonious backdrop for relaxation.

5. Bring in a Little Nature

When we think about a ‘sanctuary’, plants spring to mind. While we don’t always want to wander around in a state of zen-like contemplation in a jungle-like home, it makes sense to create small pockets of green within our rooms. Plants manifest a sense of peace and tranquillity, whether that’s a potted variety, hanging plant or vase of flowers. As well as these benefits plants aid in purifying the air, certain types also have aromas that can relax, soothe and even energise.

6. Calming Scents and Soothing Sounds

It’s not only the scent that transforms a space; the soft light from candles creates a sense of calm and serenity too. By filling a room with your favourite aromas, you can be transported back to fond memories or to a spa-like experience to calm and lift the spirits instantly.

Just as relaxing aromas signal you’re in a sanctuary-like space, surrounding yourself with soothing sounds can also promote positive energy. Why not curate a playlist for when you want to unwind and relax. You can again do the same for when you need a boost of energy and burst of happiness.

For more at-home escapism ideas or bespoke furniture solutions to transform your house into a peaceful place, request our free brochure today.

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