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Our Bespoke Music Library: How to Create an Emotional Escape Room

As modern life progresses into 2022 and the boundaries between our homes and the outside world continue to blur, the importance of creating a space to retreat, relax and switch off is more important than ever. Cultivating a sense of peace can be a challenge for many, signaling the rise of emotional escape rooms in the home.

The emotional escape room is set to be a necessity in the contemporary home. Be transported to a place of calm with a dedicated space to switch off; providing an escape, where you can immerse yourself in uninterrupted experiences.

Creating a Dedicated Space for Calmness

It’s no doubt our homes are needing to become more multi-functional, and at Neville Johnson we’re seeing an increased demand for living spaces outside of the traditional sense. Home cinemas, reading nooks and music rooms being a popular choice. A corner or dedicated space for ‘me time’ that brings calmness and an opportunity to recharge.

Our newest client design, this wonderful music library with bespoke vinyl storage, is a perfect example of how a well-designed solution can achieve exactly this. A unique space has been created to house, display and offer a place to enjoy a treasured vinyl record collection.

The Key Principles: Bespoke Vinyl Storage

The main brief for this space was not only to create a relaxing ambiance, but to custom-build storage for the vinyl collection. The pandemic forced all of us to find tranquility at home, and a resurgence in vinyl sales occurred in response to many of us using music to switch off and relax.

The studio release of ABBA’s voyage in November 2021 triggered a surge in LP sales across a multitude of generations, making 2021 the highest level of record sales since 1990. Up 11% on previous years and in its 14th year of growth with no sign of slowing, a passion for records has truly been reignited.

As any collector will know, vinyl and busy family life is not the ideal combination, and enjoying them is best experienced in quiet conditions, away from the bustle of everyday life where you can truly escape.

A Considered Design

The design of your music library should be practical, allowing for easy access to your favourite records, as well as elegant and organised. Consider how you will function in this room, taking into account the height of shelves, cupboards and where equipment will be placed.

Picture where you will be sitting so that you can place speakers accordingly for optimal listening and position your turntable and amplifier with the intention of creating a seamless experience.

This room should encompass all that brings happiness and calm. A true art-form in its own right, designs can be tailored to showcase your favourite album art, an instrument or picture, further elevating your experience.

Adding spotlights to your shelving will tastefully display your vinyl as well contributing to the overall ambiance of the room. Creating pockets of warm coloured light will give the room a cosy feel to which you can retreat. Soft furnishings in line with the style of the room will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, listening to your best-loved tracks with that perfect tipple.

Constructing a truly, restful space in your home means observing the small things that bring you peace and incorporating them into a bespoke, handcrafted design that is just for you.

For more information on how to create your very own bespoke music library, request a brochure or book a design visit today.

With 35 Years of experience, Neville Johnson prides itself on creating completely bespoke fitted furniture solutions handcrafted in the UK made from the finest materials.