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Five Ways to Increase the Aesthetic Value of Your Home

As homeowners, we all strive for a beautiful home. If your space is pleasing to you aesthetically, it’s automatically a happier environment to live in day-to-day; as well as being more attractive for potential buyers should you decide to move.

Improving the aesthetic of your home not only adds value but also enables you to make a big difference to the overall feel of your home – even if it’s through small tweaks such as utilising new storage options and sprucing up soft furnishings.

Follow a Specific Theme Throughout

One way to align your home’s overall style and vision is to pick a theme that can run seamlessly throughout your space. Select a palette of up to five different tones, and keep within this selection of hues. By reining in the use of colours, you will keep your home feeling calmer and more serene.

Alternatively, keep to a specific wood finish to effortlessly blend between rooms. When creating your perfect furniture solution, our designers can help you choose from our huge portfolio of woods and finishes. From modern greys and whites to rustic oak and traditional walnut, we are able to cater for a wide variety of tastes and decor schemes.

Keep the Clutter Out of Sight

Build a streamlined interior by opting for suitable storage solutions. Create a more elegant look to your home, while allowing ‘clutter’ to be safely stored away – enhancing your home’s beauty without forgoing practicality.

Neville Johnson’s fitted furniture is designed with millimeter-perfect precision to ensure that no space is wasted. From your very own bespoke study to an at-home library nook or even a unique, contemporary wardrobe, there are a great range of options with Neville Johnson’s furniture designs.

Fitted storage solutions, such as our luxury dressing room provide you with a space for all your treasured belongings so that you can feel organised and relaxed at all times.

Bring the Brightness In

Make the most out of the space you have by bringing light in. This can be done by painting walls in airy,  neutral shades or through installing mirrors around the home to reflect the sun’s natural light.

Rooms which are brighter tend to feel more spacious, comfortable and relaxing. And as we start to welcome the lighter evenings in – there’s never been a greater time to make the most of the glorious daylight, especially for those working from home.

Installing Velux windows increases the appeal to potential buyers and works perfectly with loft conversions. With the endless potential of loft conversions, from a space for a home office to a bedroom, letting natural daylight stream throughout this space makes it feel larger and brighter.

A Neville Johnson design can transform a loft conversion into a place that families of all shapes and sizes can enjoy. With integrated storage solutions comprising handmade fitted wardrobes, a desk area and fitted shelving units, for example. Our designs will ensure that your loft’s quirky shape is used to its full potential.

Have Your Own Designated Wardrobe Room

Often, when increasing the aesthetic value of your home, utilising spaces for different purposes not only enhances your home but also adds desirability to potential buyers.

An example of this is turning a small room in your home into a wardrobe room, with handcrafted fitted Neville Johnson furniture expertly designed to transform an unused area into a delightful, usable and sought-after space.

This on-trend option for today’s homeowners isn’t just a practical solution, but also provides a glamorous space for you to get prepared for the day ahead.

If you’re looking for ideas to turn your wardrobe room into a reality then head over to our recent blog here.

Refresh Your Home in a New Colour

Lastly, a simple but effective way to improve the appearance of your home is by giving walls a freshen up with a coat of paint. Enhance the furniture you have in your home by opting for a fresh neutral shade to bring out the deep tones of wood furniture. Or why not go for something different and go for a dark colour scheme that oozes sophistication?

Biophilic design is set to be big again in 2021, so if you’re wanting to go for something new, then darker tones could be a great option. We suggest going for rich blues and deep greens as they are known for their affiliation to nature encouraging moments of stillness and a sense of calm.

Or perhaps you are looking to keep the walls neutral? A light off-white or an on-trend beige or greige helps to brighten rooms, making them feel more open, clean and calming.

The beauty of neutrals is also their ability to compliment every piece of furniture, giving a cohesive look that pulls a room together.

For over 35 Years, Neville Johnson has designed and handcrafted unique bespoke solutions using only the finest materials. Investing in our quality furniture increases not just the aesthetic of a home, but also its overall value and attractiveness for sale.

If you’re looking to create a beautiful, bespoke furniture solution, Neville Johnson’s expert designers can help. Book your consultation today and see how Neville Johnson’s bespoke designs could improve the aesthetic of your home.