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The Beauty of Bespoke: Fitted Dressing Room

With home renovations and re-designs on the rise, bespoke fitted dressing rooms are becoming increasingly popular with families who want to maximise space, keeping the bedroom clear of clutter. Rooms with original features or unconventional layouts will benefit from the beauty of bespoke, maximising otherwise dead space that would be wasted with standalone furniture.

Bespoke Fitted Dressing Room

Bespoke Fitted Dressing Room

The Design Process

Recently, a client approached us with a request for a dressing room that would exude glamour; a space that would be elegant, decadent and sumptuous but also practical and easy to use; a room that they could walk into on a daily basis and feel like they were entering a stylish boutique. Before speaking to Neville Johnson, they had contacted other companies but felt what they needed was design input and expertise to help them achieve their vision.

Bespoke Dressing Room

When we met the client, we knew immediately that the dressing room would be a complementary feature to the bedroom which had already been beautifully renovated. Their vision was to create a ‘glamour wall’, an island centrepiece where they could store accessories and a cosy seating area where they could put on their shoes or simply relax and chat when getting ready to go out. A stunning room that was anything but ordinary.

Our starting point was the size and shape of the empty room. We could see its potential immediately – where furniture could be positioned and individually designed to cope with a large volume of clothing, shoes, boots and accessories. One of the clients is a collector of luxury handbags and scarves, so we spent time with her to work out in detail how and where every item could be stored. Working in this way fires our imagination and allows us to develop ideas that we may not have considered before – such as designing a bespoke space exclusively for her collection of exquisite scarves. To one end of the room was a large full height window allowing natural light to flood the space, an ideal location for a dressing table.

Bespoke Furniture

Precision Fit and Finishes

Traditionally, favourite finishes for upscale dressing rooms are oak or walnut, but our client had a vision of sophisticated glamour so we suggested a finish from our collection that wouldn’t look out of place in a 5-star hotel; Anthracite Larch – a finish that is dark in colour with original character and warmth. To complement this, the client selected our latest door style, Hampton, in our exclusive paint colour, Marjoram. To finish the look our Hampton doors were given a stylish feminine flourish with crystal handles. The combination of the Anthracite Larch, elegant door style and paint finish creates a truly distinctive end result.

Neville Johnson Dressing Room
Bespoke Walk-in Dressing Room

A Place for Everything

Open shelving allows you to see all of your favourite items at a glance. Rather than looking cluttered, the open shelving in this space gave the room depth and character and because everything has a place in which it can be stored neatly, shelves will always look tidy. As well as specially-made shelving, bespoke cabinetry gave the couple the correct amount of storage space.

Fitted Dressing Room Build

The hanging spaces are as tailored as the clothing they contain. We spend time measuring every little detail from the drop of dresses to the width of coats to make sure that the length and height of the cabinets are perfect. And, because our clients didn’t need additional free-standing wardrobes, it created more room in their bedroom.

Bespoke Fitted Dressing Room

Bespoke Fitted Dressing Room

Undeniably luxurious, the symmetrical open storage feature creates a very practical and structured space. Footwear and accessories are neatly displayed on shelves and racks for easy access with subtle integrated lighting to perfectly showcase every exquisite item. The result, a glamorous, sophisticated ‘dream’ dressing room

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