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Clever Storage Ideas for Loft Bedrooms

Loft bedrooms are an attractive and versatile addition to any home. The extra space can be indispensable; whether you use it as a permanent bedroom or save it for guests, there’s no denying loft conversion’s functionality.

Still, there’s one problem we tackle time and time again when designing loft bedrooms – space. Their position, nestled neatly in the roof, means loft conversions are cosy and helps you make the most all the parts of your home. But sloped ceilings, sky windows, and awkward angles can also present one of the biggest interior design challenges.

So just how can you include smart storage solutions in your loft bedroom ideas?

Storage solutions for your loft bedroom

These loft conversion storage ideas can help you get more out of your space. Keep them in mind when you’re planning your layout and furniture for an additional bedroom that’s both practical and visually impressive.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what these attic bedroom storage ideas mean.

Fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are often the first thing we think of when considering loft bedroom storage. Make the most of every inch and enjoy useful storage for clothes, shoes, and linens when you include wardrobes that are tailor-made to your space.

A standalone wardrobe can look clunky and mean sacrificing storage if it doesn’t fit snugly against the wall. Fitted alternatives can be built to sit beneath sloping eaves and tuck into corners, providing a more streamlined and functional finish.

Sliding doors

Ideal for entryways and wardrobes, sliding doors take up much less space than their hinged counterparts. While hinged doors demand you leave the area behind them free, sliding doors can be much more versatile, letting you use the room around them for storage and furniture.

Eaves storage

Eaves are the underside of your house’s roof; they’re what we call the sloped parts of your attic conversion. Eaves present one of the biggest challenges for loft bedroom storage because their changing height means lots of traditional furniture won’t fit in the space.

An excellent way to tackle your loft conversion eaves is to commission built-in wardrobes, bookshelves, or angled drawers which sit perfectly against the wall.

Under- and over-bed storage

over bed storage

Ottoman beds, which contain streamlined storage underneath, are a perfect choice for loft bedrooms. Bed frames with built-in storage provide an ideal home for spare linens, towels, or seasonal clothes that you don’t need to access daily. And there are many beautiful styles to consider. Whether you prefer a traditional wooden bed frame or a contemporary metal alternative, under-bed storage is always an option.

Build-in over-bed storage is another excellent way to make the most of the space around your bed frame. This functional addition offers an exciting design opportunity too. Display tasteful boxes or cases, books, or other personal touches in the storage around your bed to create a space that’s uniquely yours.

Low-level units

Attic bedrooms with sloping ceilings often include low, narrow spaces that you need to stoop to get into. Rather than wasting this inaccessible part of your loft, line the wall with low-level units for extra storage.

Low storage units work well placed against high walls too, leaving plenty of space at eye-level to make your conversion feel larger.

Whether you’re redesigning an existing loft conversion or looking to start from scratch, Neville Johnson is a perfect place to start. Our expert designers and traditional craftsmen know a thing or two about renovating. Request a brochure online, or get in touch about a free design visit today.