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Your Guide to Stair Spindles: Choosing the Right Design for Your Home

The spindles (also known as balusters) sit in between the handrail and the baserail of the staircase. While serving primarily as protection from falling off the edge of the stairs, the spindles offer the most flexibility when it comes to design.

The stair spindles can be a hugely decorative element and shape the entire design of your new staircase. They vary in style from traditional timber spindles, to dramatic steel designs. So how do you decide what is the right spindle choice for you and your home?

What’s the style of your property?

If you’re looking for a staircase spindle design that will accentuate the period style of your home, then something more traditional such as wooden spindles would fit in seamlessly. However if your home offers a more modern decor, then a bold steel statement would enhance and transform your hallway.

Slim Oak Spindle Design

What will work best for your family?

While glass panels are a very popular choice, they can be high maintenance with young children, as finger prints and smears will show easily. Timber and steel designs can be equally as stunning and much easier to keep clean with young children or pets around.

Opus Steel Staircase

How open is your hallway?

Depending on where your halway is located, spindle materials can make a big difference to the overall look of your home. For example, if your staircase is not exposed to a lot of natural light then glass panels are a great way to let as much natural light as possible flood your hallway.

Elegant In-line Glass Staircase

With Neville Johnson your staircase design can be entirely unique to your home and our expert designers are always on hand to create imaginative designs that compliment you and your home. To start your staircase renovation journey, request a brochure here.

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