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Turn Much Used Space Into A Much-Used Place

There’s a saying that goes ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ and it never rings more true than if you’re looking to extend your living space, or make the most of what you’ve got. All of us dream of having a little more room at home from time to time. An extra bedroom maybe, or just some clever storage in the ones we already have? Maybe you’re thinking about putting an unused basement or attic to good use, or there’s an awkward corner of a room that could be used for something that’s useful; like an office space or somewhere for the kids to do their homework?

Sometimes moving home or extending upwards or outwards may seem like the only option. But before you dash to the estate agents there may be simpler, more affordable solutions to hand.

Storage is something many homes lack these days and without it a home can feel so much smaller. Let’s face it, we all have loads of ‘stuff’. But there are amazing ways to reign in your rooms and reorganize the clutter. For example, home office solutions can fit neatly into an alcove or under the stairs and hide all of the paperwork that often gets piled into a kitchen drawer or onto the dining room table. Beautiful bedrooms can be planned around you – and your shoe collections! And kitchen storage just gets cleverer by the day – with drawer spaces and cabinets that make every busy, family kitchen look like a statement of unrushed style.

Before you get started, we’ve some hints and tips that’ll help you to decide what your home needs – and how a cleverly-planned, space-enhancing transformation could add real value to your home.

Once the thinking is done and you have a focussed idea in place you can start looking forward to the exciting bit – transforming your unloved places into much-loved spaces. After all, the home of your dreams could be the one you’re in right now.

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