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Tidy Tips for Your Tech

These days we have technology in almost every room and, while we love our smart TVs, media systems, AI tech, speakers and laptops, we also need to contend with all the cables and plugs that come with them. As one of the UK’s leading bespoke furniture makers, we have continued to adapt our designs over the years to help you handle the growing amount of tech in the home. With home technology on the rise, we thought we’d put together some useful tips to help you keep them out of sight and organised.

Tips for your tech

Contemporary Home Office Furniture

1. Declutter

Many of us have drawers packed full of old tech such as redundant cables, obsolete mobile phones and adaptors we just don’t need any more. If there isn’t a use for them, or they simply don’t work it’s time to bite the bullet and get rid of them. Once you’ve freed up the space they were wasting, you could find yourself with extra storage for items you really do need to hang onto.

Home Office Organisation

Open Plan Home Office

2. Hide in plain sight

Stylish cord tidies can cover a multitude of sins (and wires). These clever gadgets neatly wrap cables together, so they don’t create a tangled heap on your carpet. If you have standalone furniture or artwork propped against the wall you can you tuck cables behind them, or why not keep wires hidden by a row of books? That way you can easily get to them but no-one will know they’re there.

3. Organise your tech

Clever multi-adaptors can minimise the number of wires and plugs you need in one room. By keeping them together in one place, they’re also easier to find.

4. Bespoke solutions to future-proof your home

Avalon Home Office

Built-in Home Office

If you’re updating your lounge, cinema room or home office, cable management is essential. Handcrafted fitted furniture will cater for existing power points to maximise their practical use and minimise their visibility. We incorporate smart cable management solutions into our individually designed home offices with pop-up power points, pull out shelving and closed storage for printers and other office equipment.

Levigo Home Office

Contemporary lounge with Levigo sliding doors

When it comes to open-plan living, your TV and media system doesn’t have to dominate the room. Our stylish Levigo doors can cover and reveal your TV or other electronics, so they’re only in sight when you want them to be. The rest of the time you can enjoy a beautiful and harmonious, tech-free living space.

For even more ideas, or bespoke solutions made exclusively for you, why not book a free design visit and see how you can improve your home.

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