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Considered choices for the home: Renovate, don’t replace

Why replace your staircase when you can renovate your staircase?

Now more than ever the spotlight is on making more conscious buying decisions, and we’re delighted to see people becoming more aware of how they can bring sustainability into the home. For more than three decades, Neville Johnson have been the market leaders in staircase renovations. We are experts at using existing staircases and transforming them into a considered design that is made to last, an option that is better for pockets and the planet alike.

A staircase replacement requires replacing the existing flight of stairs and can often be a time-consuming task, requiring a lot of building work and planning permission. This is normally a requirement if your staircase is not structurally sound. A staircase renovation is a much easier option if your existing staircase is structurally sound. You’d be surprised to see how much you can achieve and how quickly your hallway can be transformed with a staircase renovation. Once the design has been approved, our craftsman could renovate your hallway in less than 48 hours from the first cut to the final polish.

Why is renovating a more considered choice?

When it comes to planning a new staircase, many people don’t realise the potential their existing staircase holds. If your stairway is structurally sound, we use the existing frame to transform the staircase aesthetic. This removes the need for additional building work, plaster and joinery work that comes with a staircase replacement.

By using quality timber, carefully cut glass and forged steel, our expert designers create a solution that is built to last. Not only this, but our dedicated craftsmen ensure your design is created to perfection at our UK-based factory, meaning there’s no back and forth when our installation teams get to work.

What does a staircase renovation entail?

A staircase renovation will involve the full replacement of the newel posts, handrails, base rails and spindles with new hardwood components. Avoiding all the upheaval and disruption associated with a staircase replacement. When you transform your existing staircase, you will be updating an essential piece of furniture and creating a stylish and welcoming environment at the heart of the home. To help inspire you, here are a few of our handcrafted designs that can be re-imagined to fit most hallways and room sizes.

Ready for the Next Step?

If you would like a little advice on whether a staircase replacement or staircase renovation is the right step for you, consider a free, no-obligation design visit with a professional staircase designer. They will listen to your ideas, introduce you to features you may not have thought about, appraise your space and discuss the best solutions for your home and budget.