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Renovate or Replace? Our Guide To Transforming Your Hallway With Minimal Fuss

Staircase Renovation or Staircase Replacement?

Many of us spend money on our kitchens and bathrooms if we want to add value to our homes, but transforming your staircase could also add value and visual appeal. The question is, do you renovate or replace? A staircase replacement requires replacing the existing flight of stairs and can often be a time-consuming task, requiring a lot of building work and planning permission. This is normally a requirement if your staircase is not structurally sound.

A staircase renovation is a much easier option if your existing staircase is structurally sound. You’d be surprised to see how much you can achieve and how quickly your hallway can be transformed with a staircase renovation. Once the design has been approved, our craftsman could renovate your hallway in less than 48 hours from the first cut to the final polish.

Eden oak staircase

Eden Oak Staircase

If you’re stuck for ideas, our designers are on hand to give you plenty of inspiration. It’s incredible what can be done even if your hallway hasn’t got a large area to work with or if your staircase has awkward twists and turns. We provide a wide choice of luxury materials, including a selection of wood finishes, antique brass and glass that can be mixed and matched to transform your existing staircase. Whether you have a modern or period property, you can benefit from a bespoke staircase renovation that suits your home and your personality.

Why Renovate?

Chances are your existing staircase is structurally sound – after all, it’s an integral part of your home’s structure. The simplest way to transform your existing staircase from ‘tired’ to ‘wow’ is by staircase refurbishment. This will involve the full replacement of the newel posts, handrails, base rails and spindles with new hardwood components. Avoiding all the upheaval and disruption associated with a staircase replacement; so no plastering, joinery works, building or planning required. When you transform your existing staircase, you will be updating an essential piece of furniture and creating a stylish and welcoming environment at the heart of the home. To help inspire you, here are a few of our handcrafted designs that can be re-imagined to fit most hallways and room sizes.

Our Eden Oak Staircase

Eden oak staircase 2

Eden Oak Staircase

We’ve given the newel posts and spindles of our Eden Oak design a beautiful twist – quite literally. Their curves are accentuated to create a truly unique visual experience for an understated yet undeniably stylish finish.

Our Glass and Oak Staircase

Glass and Oak Staircase

Glass and Oak Staircase

Transform your existing staircase with a contemporary combination of glass and oak. It’s a perfect design for both new homes and renovations. The glass panels allow light to flow from windows and doorways, giving the illusion of space even in the smallest of hallways. The warmth of the wood softens the glass panelling, and the whole effect is one of a stylish welcome.

Our Opus Antique Brass Finish Staircase

Opus Antique Brass Finish Staircase

Opus Antique Brass Finish Staircase

Our unique interpretation of the industrial trend is made glamorous and elegant with an antique brass finish. The architectural configuration of the spindles gives the renovation a sophisticated look, and the beautiful light oak newels and treads bring a warm ambience to the room. The full effect of metal and wood creates a streamlined style that is new and refreshing but still traditional.

Style Your Hallway

All too often hallways can become dumping grounds for the items we need on our way into, or out of the house. Equally, they can look dark and uninviting if the light isn’t just right. Here are a few simple and easy tips to make your hallway look fabulous.

oak staircases


If you have the space, try to use cabinetry or cupboards for coats, boots and everyday bags. Under the stairs is ideal, or if you haven’t got this option, open shelving for everyday essentials can maintain a neat and unencumbered environment.

Good Lighting

Lamps on hallway tables can add a soft glow to dark spaces. Consider where you need a little illumination and add a wall light or downlighters that will create much-needed brightness. If you have the space, statement lighting such as a chandelier or oversized pendant can look beautifully in proportion and complement your statement staircase.

Sometimes a Good Rug Can Make a Difference

Think about flooring. A wooden floor can look warm and welcoming but in a large entrance, consider breaking up the wood with a beautiful, colourful rug. Older properties look great with original tiling and quirky patterns.

Practical Transformations

Larger hallways lend themselves to dual-use. Under the stairs is an excellent place for storage but also as a place to work. Bespoke home office solutions can be created around these awkward spaces to suit your every need.

Run with a Colour Theme

If you have a theme or a colour scheme in mind, pick out accent pieces such as artwork, rugs, stair runners or vases. You can even coordinate with flower arrangements. If you have a muted or neutral based colour theme choose a simple, striking contrast such as a duck-egg blue armchair or a vibrant orange cushion.

In-line Glass Staircase

Beautiful In-line Glass Staircase

Mirrors and Glass

Use mirrors and glass objects to create the illusion of space. Hang mirrors to face doorways and windows to make sure as much light as possible is bounced into darker corners.

Ready for the Next Step?

If you would like a little advice on whether a staircase replacement or staircase renovation is the right step for you, consider a free, no-obligation design visit with a professional staircase designer. They will listen to your ideas, introduce you to features you may not have thought about, appraise your space and discuss the best solutions for your home and budget.

View more of our ideas for staircase replacements today!