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Smart Ways to Transform Your Wasted Hallway Space

Your entrance is more than just an in-between space; it’s the first thing you see when entering your home or when you wake in the morning en route to the kitchen. As hallways typically don’t have vast amounts of space to work with, you need to think carefully about what you want to achieve. Create a balance between style and practicality with clever storage solutions and when thinking about your overall decor, look at key colours and schemes that already run through your home. This ensures there is a natural flow. Read on to discover inspiring ideas for transforming wasted hallway space.

Easy to Achieve and Affordable Decor

Improve your hallway space by simply refreshing the decor. Change up your wall colour, hang statement lights or add artwork that makes you happy when you arrive home.

If your home is full of existing character, keep it and simply amplify the features by adding additional fitting decor and a light, airy colour palette. If you don’t have any stand out focal points in your hallway, a great way to create one is with statement lights. Choosing a hung pendant not only provides much-needed light but acts as a centrepiece creating the illusion of height in a space.

If your hallway is small and you really want to maximise its potential think about using colour to enhance the space. Move away from basic white walls and introduce complementary tonal shades. Choose, for example, a dramatic Charcoal shade pairing it with off white wall panelling and white door frames to structure the architecture. This allows even the simplest of detail to stand out while keeping the space stylish and tranquil.

Let Light Flow with Glass

There are many ways to update your hallway, and one option often overlooked is a staircase renovation. What seems like a lengthy project can be completed within just 48 hours. Glass can give the impression of your staircase gracefully floating. It’s a wonderful choice for both vast and compact spaces as it allows the light to flow through the entire hallway. From cut-string glass that effortlessly graces any space to stunning glass spindles for the latest look.

Compact Glass Staircase

Over Door Shelving

Our answer for small space storage or open plan living areas is to use the ‘dead’ space over doorways. Cleverly designed, made-to-measure shelving can be integrated into sloping ceilings to create an eye-catching display area for your treasured pieces. You could also include covered cupboards to hide away essentials you don’t need every day.

Essential Storage

Say ‘Yes’ to embracing your space. Is it big enough to use as an extra room? Could your under stairs area be transformed into a home study or used as additional storage? If it’s a smaller area think about decluttering – the more space you have to move around, the larger you hallway will feel.

The best place to hang coats and store outdoor shoes is in the hallway but if your space is small don’t make it smaller by filling it with standalone storage. If you think those awkward alcoves are dead spaces, think again. They could be the perfect opportunity to fit bespoke furniture to house all of the items you need – but would like to hide.

Hidden Office

As you can see, with our study furniture bespoke home study doesn’t need to take up a whole room. In fact, if you are currently using a dining room or a spare bedroom as a home office, for the kids’ homework or just to catch up with paperwork, cleverly using awkward corners could actually add a whole new room to your home. At Neville Johnson, we are experts at transforming ‘dead spaces’ into functional, dynamic areas where you can sit, read, work or relax.

 Understairs Study

Hidden Reading Nook or a Quiet Zone

Even smaller homes can benefit from a ‘quiet area’. If you want somewhere to unwind but haven’t got a spare room you could create a cosy hallway space with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and built-in seating. By using some planning and a dash of creativity, carefully positioned shelving can help to create a reading space or even add a small integrated desk for catching up on emails or homework in peace.

Space Under Windows

If you have a view worth shouting about in your hallway space, why not make the most of it? Build a bench seat with lots of comfy cushions as a place to sit and watch the world go by. No one will ever know that beneath that stylish bench is storage for all the clutter you don’t want on show. It’s a small space storage idea that’s perfect for dumping shoes, toys and games.