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Savvy organising secrets: How best to organise your home, according to the experts

We may associate a drive to declutter with the freshness of Spring, but actually Autumn, with its transition to cosier times spent indoors, marks an equally perfect point to prepare your home for the coming months.

In fact, even if you already have a foolproof spring organisation regime in place, the simple truth is that the items we need to hand ebb and flow as the seasons change.

But how best to stay on top of our possessions, and maintain harmony and balance throughout the home as we move towards winter?

Our decades of striving to enhance how homeowners experience their properties has left us in no doubt – the backbone to an efficiently organised home is excellent storage.

When well-designed to fit your needs and your space, the right storage solutions – especially when combined with the insider insights of our talented team – are the keys you need to reduce clutter and keep your home feeling ordered and restful.

So, as the summer warmth begins to wane and the crispness of Autumn arrives, we asked our interiors experts to share their savviest secrets – the tips they turn to when seeking to reorganise spaces within the home in the most seamless and efficient way possible.

Join us as we dive into their time-served take on the art of organising living spaces, working areas and bedrooms! 

Embrace the Transition: Organising Your Living Spaces

Sitting as they do at the centre of our busy lives, our living spaces are among the first and fastest places to become disorganised and look cluttered.

So it’s no wonder that transforming these areas into havens of immaculate organisation is at the top of many wishlists – but where to begin?

The first step is to declutter; taking stock of your belongings, choosing what you want to keep and then splitting those possessions into things to display, things to have on hand and things to store away for another season. The next is to create a home for those items.

It’s here that our bespoke furniture solutions really come into their own. Tailored to slot seamlessly into your space, custom-crafted to house your entire collection and expertly designed to offer the perfect blend of stylish looks and multifunctionality, our pieces are the ultimate in built-to-last versatility.

What are our design experts’ top picks for effortlessly organised and beautifully luxe living spaces?

Elevated Hallways

Start with your home’s entrance. Designed to intercept and house all those bulky and messy outdoor items, nothing beats a Boot Room when it comes to keeping these first-impression spaces feeling neat and welcoming.

And, with considered design and smart planning, it’s possible to find the room for a stunning solution in homes of all shapes and sizes.

“Boot Rooms are generally smaller rooms in the house, so you need to be careful not to waste space,” advises Simon Tcherniak, one of our Senior Designers here at Neville Johnson.

“It’s amazing how much space you can gain by going high up a wall. And, if you make it no deeper than it needs to be, your room will still feel spacious.”

Luxurious Libraries

Moving further into the living areas, another wonderful way to mix practical storage with beautiful display space for the things that bring you joy is by investing in a Home Library.

This stunning Home Library design transformed a formerly unloved alcove into something truly special.

Its mix of open display shelving above and closed cabinetry below allows the homeowners to showcase and enjoy their most treasured items, while more practical necessities and clutter are easily tucked away beneath.

Here, the homeowners chose to combine soft gold hardware with Avocado, a sumptuous, rich green exclusive to us – but the beauty of our bespoke design service is that your own piece can be finished in a shade of your choice from our 70+ colour palette.

Learn more about our bespoke design service

Boost Your Productivity: Revamping Working Areas

With its back-to-school vibes, Autumn is an excellent time to bring a fresh start to your work setup.

And, when it comes to your work-from-home experience, there’s no doubt that creating a custom workspace is a game-changer, offering the chance to incorporate everything you need to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

From comfortable deskspace to copious storage; inspiring display areas to integrated lighting and cable storage, our beautiful bespoke designs effortlessly meld style, luxury and pure function, helping you produce your best work, every day.

Worried you don’t have a room to dedicate to work? Don’t be.

Our expert designers are adept at spotting potential in places you might never have considered – transforming unused corners, reinvigorating unloved alcoves and building multifunction into living areas to give you the perfect spot to focus and create.

“A Home Study area can easily be designed into a living room in such a way that it doesn’t make the living room feel like an office,” Simon confirms.

“Your desk can be hidden by sliding panels or bifold doors – or the whole piece can simply be designed to feel more like living room furniture, even if it has the functionality of a study.”

A wonderful example is our Wentworth Home Study solution (above). Both subtle and stunning, its practical nature is almost indistinguishable at a distance, preserving the room’s restful feel when work hours are through.

Restful Retreats: Transforming Your Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom clear and clutter-free is vital for restful nights, with tidy environments creating the sanctuary-like feel you need to promote relaxation, reduce stress and enhance the quality of your sleep.

As winter draws in, our bedrooms become even more of a haven for our wellbeing, spaces which – when well organised – speak of cosiness, comfort and calm.

Custom storage solutions hold the key to transforming your bedroom into a serene space, by maximising every inch of space to ensure that your clothes, shoes and accessories find a neat home – and looking good all the while!

“Fitted furniture can be a wonderful statement piece within your home, and of course the aesthetics of the design are imperative,” agrees Simon.

“But it’s storage that’s key when it comes to utilising your design – it’s important to make sure everything that you plan to store can be accommodated.

Your Neville Johnson designer can measure exactly what needs to be housed or displayed and make sure that it will all fit, look good and be accessible.”

For those with the space, we love the utter luxuriousness of a dressing room island, like the one featured in our fabulous new boutique bedroom style, Eden (above).

Stylish and oh-so practical, they add a surprising amount of storage for items that can get lost in larger wardrobes, from belts and scarves to jumpers and jeans.

Thanks to our custom design service, they can be fully personalised to suit your possessions, with inserts for accessories, or perhaps internal lighting to showcase your jewellery.

And they’re a brilliant place to incorporate seating for a truly boutique feel – with the added option to include even more storage beneath.

For those working to a tighter floorplan, we’ll pass back to Simon for his top tips.

“Store items one row deep wherever possible – this will keep things accessible and stop the storage closing in your room,” he explains.

“If you really need to store one row of objects behind another, a pull out shelf will give you access to items at the back.

And going over doors also works – you don’t even notice the storage over your head when you enter a room.”

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