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Presenting Our Latest Home Transformation: The Modern Home Office

We were approached to create a dual office in a delightful home in the leafy Cheshire village of Prestbury. The home’s owners had been renovating their 1930s property one room at a time. The building is symmetrical and spacious with typical art deco features such as large windows and high ceilings. The couple were keen to design a dual modern home office space to allow them both to work from home and had ear-marked a large room on the ground floor with views of the garden.

The couple have their own unique working style, and after collaborating with our team, both agreed on a cohesive design that would be fluid enough to adapt to their individual requirements for desk space, storage and shelving. Our designer could immediately visualise a modern home office that embraced the architectural features in the room and got to work, creating a bespoke, millimetre perfect, made-to-measure solution that works seamlessly for both partners.

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Working with What You Have

If you think a modern home office solution is a stretch too far in an older property, think again. Many period properties have unusual alcove spaces that can be transformed into useful storage areas or as a backdrop for stylish mood lighting. They can even be clever places to hide tech that you don’t want on display but need to keep close by.
Because the home is built in an art deco style, it benefited from beautiful symmetry and plenty of space. Our designers worked with the architectural influences and developed a design with symmetry at its heart.
To create a real talking point in the Prestbury property, our designers embraced the extra height in the room. We developed a beautiful bespoke floor to ceiling storage solution that maximised the unique dimensions of the room, putting every inch to good use and ensuring a sleek and clutter-free working environment.

Modern Home Office - working with what you have

Modern Home Office

Storage and Shelving Solutions

When you work from home, you have the perfect opportunity to showcase your favourite pieces within your workplace. Our clients selected open storage and floating shelves to add interest to their modern home office and to bring their personalities into their working world. The shelving that they chose was perfect for their collection of books and to display sculptural pieces.

Modern Home Office - storage and shelving solutions

Modern Home Office

Wall Mounted TV

The couple wanted a stylish TV wall so that they could keep up-to-date with current affairs while working. This request was easily incorporated into the symmetrical design, with a flat-screen TV centrally positioned, with no visible cables, surrounded by neat and sleek cabinetry.

Modern Home Office - wall mounted TV

Modern Home Office

Tasteful Finishes

While this modern home office has two separate working spaces, we were able to design it cohesively, using a combination of colours and finishes. Our clients selected Grey Avola and Orchid – contemporary and calming neutral shades that are perfect for home offices. Muted tones are thought to promote wellbeing and productivity. The woodgrain in the Avola finish gives the office a natural warmth and integrity and adds interest to the room.

Modern Home Office - tasteful finishes

Modern Home Office

Our lead designer on this project said:

“This beautiful room lent itself perfectly to our modern dual office solution, giving both professionals plenty of space, storage and room for individuality. I love the off-set floating shelves that add character to a symmetrical space. The end result is a light, bright and uniquely designed office that has been perfectly crafted to suit the exact working needs of the couple.”

The Design Process

Transforming an unused room into a modern home office is easier than you think:

1. A design visit in the comfort of your home allows us to discuss your ideas with you and show you a wide selection of design options including finishes and colours.

2. Our designers will then present you with detailed sketches to demonstrate how your furniture could look.

3. Once you approve the design and give us the go-ahead, a surveyor will undertake a meticulous survey of the space to ensure a millimetre-perfect fit. We only start the manufacturing process once you’re 100% satisfied

4. Our time-served craftsmen combine traditional skills will modern techniques to create your cabinetry in our UK workshops.

 5. The detailed measurements taken during the survey ensure an impeccable installation.

6. Our after-care service, combined with a 10-year guarantee, is designed to give you peace of mind.

The Design Process

Modern Home Office

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