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Our Home Office Design Tips to Help Create a Healthy Workstation

With a noticeable increase in flexible working recently, we have seen changes and advancements in technology and our working environments. By and large, our lifestyles are changing and so, by necessity, are our homes.

 Dual Office Space

Now, more than ever, it’s important to have a space that promotes our mental wellbeing, as well as productivity. Below are some home office design tips to help create a healthy workstation:

1. Bring it to light. Natural light is king but consider the position of your desk so that light is to the side, rather than frontal, to avoid eye strain and headaches. Another tip is to install an anti-glare screen and alter the colour temperature of your device, to reduce the blue light (otherwise known as HEV) and protect your long-term eye health.

2. Clean the deck. Mental wellbeing and productivity do not flourish in chaos. Clear your workspace of unnecessary clutter and consider a pinboard to organise your thoughts and showcase some inspiration. Alternatively, rattan is enjoying a renaissance in interiors so why not incorporate this in the form of a basket or paper tidy?

3. Décor. When it comes to décor, a little bit of colour will go a long way. Blue is the colour of the mind, helping to retain focus, whilst yellow induces emotion, making it a good option for creative industries. If painting is a stretch too far, consider introducing through accessories.

 Luxury Blue Home Office Design

4. Plant power. According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the greatest benefits of indoor plants are improving wellbeing and productivity, followed by their influence on indoor air quality. Reshuffle your indoor foliage so that it cocoons your workspace.

5. Make it personal. Whatever your profession, your workspace should be inspiring. Introduce accessories or personal items that mean something to you. Or if you’re in the business of trying new things, why not consider a standout piece of art or even a gallery wall? For on-trend recommendations, consider abstract face artwork or anything with Japanese influence.

6. It’s all about balance. Regardless of our environment, the best way to safeguard wellbeing is to instil a healthy routine. Many home workers recommend the Pomodoro Technique of breaking the day into working intervals – traditionally 25 minutes – followed by a five-minute break. Whatever method you subscribe to, regular breaks are good for equilibrium.

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