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Minimalism: A Lesson In Less

These days there are fewer rules around interior design. We can take our inspiration from any era in the last 300 years and add a modern twist. From Regency to Art Deco; from 60s chic to sleek; done well, such themes can look exceptionally stylish.

One style that never falls out of favour is Minimalism. A pared back look with hero pieces, sleek lines, and clean spaces. Minimalism is easy to achieve in most rooms – the key is to keep things looking cosy. Scandinavian design has influenced our choice of interiors in many ways. The movement favours clever storage solutions to keep clutter to a minimum. Soft furnishings are plump and comfortable without hint of chintz. Throws and cushions warm up minimalist spaces and soft, ambient lighting can make your room look inviting.

Another reason to choose a minimalist environment is that living amongst clutter can cause us to feel more stressful. High levels of the stress hormone cortisol is never a good idea so if paring things down and encouraging tidy spaces is good for us, we’re all for it!

If you love the look but are a little unsure about how to get started, our top five tips will help you to achieve a minimalist style in your favourite room, whether that’s your lounge, kitchen or bedroom.

1. Declutter. Organise your room. Do you need a cabinet full of knick-knacks? Are you trying to cram too many styles and shapes into one space? Remember the adage; a place for everything and everything in its place. Which brings us to the next point…

2. Storage. Forget run-of-the mill cupboards and chests of drawers. These days furniture is personal. How do you live in your space? What is your personal taste in design? Find a bespoke solution that helps you to achieve a sleek, harmonious living space where everything is stored neatly away inside furniture that flows seamlessly with your home and your lifestyle.

3. Think Quality over Quantity. It’s worth investing in key pieces such as a statement bed, armchair or sofa and building your room around it. Don’t let your soft furnishings or décor fight for your attention. Keep it simple and stick to one style.


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4. Décor. The best way to achieve a clean, minimalist style is with a neutral palette. Make sure your tones are warm but light, soft and unobtrusive. Avoid loud patterns on every wall, instead think about a feature wall or incorporate personal touches such as a single, stand-out piece of art. Line art and painterly prints are hugely popular this summer.

5. Nurture nature. Think about how daylight flows into your home. Do you have a fabulous window that lets light flood in? Could it work without drapes or blinds? Letting in more light and letting nature become a feature of your room could give the illusion of more space and make your room look bigger.