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How to maximise space and create a 24/7 living environment

As we move into an age of 24/7 living where we entertain, relax and work all in the same space, designing the right environment is key.

A shift towards open plan and small space city living means incorporating multimedia elements with a relaxing clutter free space is difficult whilst still encouraging conversation in the room. The interior environments we create here at Neville Johnson boast flexibility and functionality, hiding modern day technologies that often dominate our rooms by incorporating storage and shelving, maximising a rooms full potential.

Here are our simple solutions to creating a 24/7 living space.


We’re all living in a digital, plugged in age so it’s nice to come home and switch off. Removing TV’s, stereos and entertainment systems from view is a perfect way to encourage conversation and catch up with family and friends without being drawn in by technology. Our Levigo contemporary lounge, feature a clever sliding door system to hide away any unwanted multimedia distractions.

Open and closed storage means while your TV is hidden away you can still have your favourite books on display for when you have that relaxing down time.

Minimal workspace

When it’s time to work from home or answer those late night emails, it shouldn’t mean shutting yourself away in the office. With minimal space you can include a small home study area within your living space. These can be hidden behind doors allowing you to relax and socialise without the reminder of work.

Integrated technology

Attention to lighting can create the perfect environment for both relaxing and entertaining. Using motion-activated lighting in room designs, creates the perfect mood both day and night.

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