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Maximalism Decor: 5 ways to make this sunny trend work in your home

What is Maximalism?

Also known as the “more is more” trend, maximalism is the art of decorating your home in a way that experiments with colour, pattern and form, creating spaces which call to the senses and evoke comfort at their core.

Already marked with new energy and vibrancy by Pantone’s choice of Viva Magenta as its colour of the year, 2023 is tipped to see the maximalism trend take centre stage.

But if the thought makes your inner minimalist shudder, bear with us while we introduce you to modern maximalism…

The ethos of modern Maximalism

There is a common misconception around modern maximalism; namely that it’s a trend that calls for you to fill your space with things, creating chaos, clutter and disorder.

Actually, the concept is much more nuanced.

Instead of disarray, it is based on the careful curation of items, the layering of pattern, texture and lighting and the playful use of colour to balance excitement with intrigue, and contrast with cosiness.

Where better for us to turn for advice on this compelling trend than our expert designers?

Here are their top 5 tips to help you embrace maximalism in your home.

Be Brave with Colour

One of the best places to begin your maximalist journey is your living space, where you’re most likely to want to be stimulated by your surroundings and showcase your treasured possessions.

And here, it’s important not to be daunted by colour – this is the ideal opportunity to throw out the rule book and splash some joyful shades!

Just one statement piece is all it takes to bring some maximalism into your space – whether that’s a bright, bold alcove or dark, dramatic bookshelves.

The key to keeping a maximalist scheme balanced is to restrain your overall colour palette to four or five shades within the space – but they can be whatever, and wherever, you want.

How to choose your scheme?

Don’t feel like you must follow a trend just because it’s popular.

The best way is to ask yourself how you want to feel in the room, and then identify which colour or colours create those emotions for you.

Find a hue that makes you happy and run with it!

Curate a Bright and Bold Library

“I am a believer that by adding considered colours, textures, patterns and accents you’ll create spaces that solicit conversation and evoke immense personal pleasure.”
Abigail Ahern, “Everything”

Whether you’re a dedicated bibliophile or not, a bespoke home library is the perfect place to add colour to your scheme, as well as offer space for the best accent – a curated selection of your cherished items.

If you have a fantastic book collection, try stacking books high for the perfect maximalist look, contrasting coloured spines and displaying the most interesting as if they are pieces of artwork within your shelving.

For extra visual interest, leave space to intersperse your books with a wealth of your favourite things, from vintage finds to edgy treasures; artworks to photography.

Have the right space without the right furniture?

Thanks to our bespoke design service, a Neville Johnson home library can be configured to your unique requirements, from custom shelf heights to inset lighting; an integrated bar to closed cabinetry (to assuage that inner minimalist).

Celebrate your Favourite Possessions

The best maximalist interiors are strongly expressive of your own personality, which means you have full licence to surround yourself with the things you love no matter where you are in the home, from your living areas to your bedroom!

Why not be guided by this fabulous dressing space, and make your favourite bags and accessories the stars of the show?

Guaranteed to raise a smile every time you enter, this stunning walk-in wardrobe hits the right maximalist note on all fronts, from its joyous floor-to-ceiling colour wash in Coral Rose, a new shade from our exclusive paint palette, to the front-and-centre display spaces for the homeowner’s treasured collections.

Discover more of this beautiful bespoke design here

Play with Pattern and Texture

Layering is essential when it comes to the maximalist look, and not just of textiles, though they are a crucial element.

For furniture, combine different textures for materials and accents, like above, where the lustrous finish of our Toro Bronze cabinetry contrasts beautifully with the smooth, deep Avocado doors and metallic handles.

Layer lighting at different levels to help change the mood of the space as you wish. Play with different light tones, going cooler in task-orientated areas and warmer where you want to relax.

In winter especially, dress your floors with tactile rugs, and your furniture in cosy, snuggly throws and plush cushions in soft fabrics that feel good to the touch.

And don’t be scared to layer patterns in your scheme. Mixing prints brings much-needed vibrancy and playfulness to your interior, and the most surprising of combinations can work brilliantly together.

“Florals work well with stripes,” top designer Matthew Williamson suggests in Homes and Gardens magazine.

“Using a floral sofa – or blind – with a striped rug is a knowing clash and works especially well when you mix a figurative floral with a graphic contrast.”

Luxury Home Office Design

Forget the pressure of perfection!

As we discussed above, the true spirit of maximalism is all about personalisation, not trends.

Your social media feed may be filled with neutrals or deep, dark schemes – but that doesn’t mean your home needs to reflect that if it goes against your instincts.

Maximalism means going big on the things you love – from colour to pattern, styles to accessories.

So forget the pressure of perfection, embrace what you love and enjoy it!

Bespoke Pink Dressing Room

Love to introduce more maximalism into your home with a beautiful, bespoke piece of furniture? 

Our design experts can create something completely unique to your home and style, with our extensive paint palette and range of top-quality materials and finishes at your fingertips.

Book your free design visit today!