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Dopamine Decor: How to use colour in your home to boost your mood

Colour theory has long been a commonly accepted notion, and it now infiltrates the fashion industry with the new and trending concept of ‘dopamine dressing’. The fashion industry is seeing a shift in approach to colour, using it now as an aid to improve the wearer’s mood. If our clothes can increase the confidence we feel and create positive emotions, why don’t we replicate this in our homes as well?

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that home should be a place of contentment, a place to retreat to. So why not decorate in such a manner that will stimulate an emotional response that we want to feel within the comfort of our homes. This exciting new trend is all about being bold with colour.

Decorating with intention

Forget about dressing with intention, it’s about decorating with intention. We all know that our surroundings have a clear impact on the way we feel, and colour plays a bigger role than you might think.

For centuries, colour theory has been a concept explored, from its early applications in Chromatherapy which is still popular today, to ideas that colours can be matched with energy frequencies from the practice of reiki. It is undeniable that the power of colour is a tool to be harnessed when crafting your perfect home.

The science of colour

Dopamine is a feel-good hormone, released into the body when we experience something associated with being pleasurable. The goal of dopamine decor is simply to achieve the release of this hormone, by creating spaces that make us feel good.

Colour is endlessly emotive and individuals can have strong associations. Psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD states “It is not about the colour per se, but rather what you associate with that colour“. In order to really make this tool work for you, introspection into your relationships and responses with colours is vital to achieving the desired results. It all centres around personal preference – some people might prefer monochrome and lean towards black and white staircase ideas, while others might like the pop of colours.

Electrifying Blues

Bespoke Library in ‘Blueberry’

Colours that are colder on the spectrum are often associated with a sense of calm and are thought to ignite creativity. The perfect place in your home to implement this colour would be in spaces where you want to feel relaxed upon entering. This could be a bedroom, a study, or a library like this bespoke electric blue library.

Where applied, your experience of these rooms will be elevated and can support in achieving the room’s purpose. Encouraging concentration and quietness, colder colours such as blue are perfect for creating a space that allows you to become completely immersed in whatever you are doing, creating distance from you and the outside world. Whether you’re delving into a great book or working on a project, this bold electric blue will assist you in centralising your focus.

Energising Pinks

Dressing room in ‘Watermelon’

Often associated with excitement, energy and lightheartedness, warmer colours such as pink are thought to have a higher energy frequency, which can be passed on to those around it. What better place to apply this punchy pink in your home than a dressing room. This vibrant colour naturally rouses the senses and facilitates anticipation to build, wherever you may be heading as you leave this lovely pink dressing room.

Colours like this can enhance an individual’s confidence and infuse a spark of energy as they stimulate the body and mind to increase circulation. Surrounding yourself with warm colours in the mornings particularly will aid a feeling of vitality that will send you into the day in the best way possible.

Colour in action

In order to create these elevated positive experiences in your home, first, you must look into your own personal associations with colour. Begin to notice what brings you peace, calm and stillness or energy and excitement. Through this introspection, you can begin to match these emotions with areas in your home.

Evaluating how you move around your house throughout the day can help to guide you. For example, you may want to surround yourself with warmer colours in the morning to instil a sense of vigour, and colder colours in the evenings that will help you to switch off and relax.

There are many ways you can incorporate colour into your home, and you can go as extravagant or subtle as is necessary for a noted impact on your experience of the space. Whether opting for a bold accent wall that will act as a main feature of the room or introducing more subtle splashes of colour through artwork, furniture or decor, the way you alter the space is entirely individualistic and open to interpretation.

For more guidance on adding a dose of dopamine to your home, speak to one of our design experts. Or simply download a free brochure to begin your journey.