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Making a bold statement on hallways

Introducing our stunning new Opus steel staircase design. Now making a bold statement in hallways, this contemporary steel design not only fulfil the primary function of getting you from one level to another, it creates an aesthetic that is truly unique.

The exclusive design has been constructed intelligently out of solid steel into unique panels which are then set into a solid wood base. Inspired by modern architecture, the light graphic of the design and balustrade combined creates beautiful shadows when the space is flooded with natural light. Don’t be afraid when mixing materials, using metal within a staircase design can work just as well in an ultra modern space as it can in a more traditional setting. Subtle wood finishes often create a calming ambience when combined with an industrial material.

We’ve also included subtle integrated lighting within the string of this staircase, adding soft illumination of the stairs leading up through the floors. Lightning is a critical in a hallway and there are many aspects that need to be considered. Look out for our forthcoming blog on lighting and learn what pitfalls you need to look out for.

One of the most frequently overlooked areas in the home is your hallway; this stunning staircase is sure to make a lasting impact. To discover more steel staircase designs click here

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