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Loft Conversion Bedroom Design Ideas

Whether you regularly host overnight guests or your home is a hub for multi-generational living, converting your loft into a bedroom is an excellent way to add value and comfort to your property. Converting your attic space is also a great way to create an extra bedroom for yourself, freeing up another space downstairs for a workspace. Discover our loft conversion bedroom design ideas to help get started.

Small loft bedroom ideas

You don’t need to have a vast loft space to create an additional room for relaxation and slumber. Loft bedroom designs come in all shapes and sizes, particularly when choosing a bespoke option that makes the most of every inch.

A smaller room is ideal if you’re keen to transform your loft into an extra bedroom for guests. Guest rooms tend to require fewer furnishings than master and family bedrooms. You’ll only need a few items to create an attractive and functional space.

A comfortable bed is a central feature

If you want to elevate your décor, go for a statement headboard that will bring colour to your loft. A bed with storage underneath is a great idea giving you ample places to store spare linen or any guest luggage.

Integrated cupboards

Built-in cupboards are perfect bedside table solutions. Choosing bespoke furniture in your loft bedroom helps make the most of awkward spaces, like nooks and alcoves, and maximises your floor space.

Fitted wardrobes

If you have a smaller loft, you likely won’t have room for a freestanding wardrobe. Guests will still appreciate having a place to hang their clothes, though. This is where a bespoke fitted wardrobe can come in handy; a wardrobe built for your home can fit snugly beneath a sloping ceiling, helping you make the most of every inch

Loft bedroom decorating ideas

Create a haven at the very top of your house with the following tips and tricks.

Be bold with colour

Thanks to Velux or dormer windows, loft rooms tend to be light and bright. This allows you to be creative with your colours.

Add plenty of storage

If you still need somewhere to put all the previously stored belongings in your attic, make the most of your space with bespoke storage. Low areas at the bottom of sloped walls can be difficult to access, but they make a perfect place for fitted cupboards or shelves.

Go bespoke

Invest in bespoke bedroom furniture to maximise the space beneath those awkward sloping ceilings. Wardrobes with sliding doors are particularly effective in smaller loft rooms, while mirrored doors create more light.

Create a feature wall

If you have a bare wall behind the bed, give it some wow-factor with a bright lick of paint or some patterned wallpaper.

Create a luxury loft space with the help of Neville Johnson. If you’d prefer a home office, discover our loft home office design ideas, too. Book a free design visit from our expert consultants or order a brochure online for more information.