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Library Floor Plans

Libraries are incredible places. Bursting with knowledge and beautifully crafted, it’s no surprise they get more than their fair share of onscreen action. From the contemporary libraries in our top high school flicks, to the classic reading rooms from our favourite fantasy series; these spaces are where the drama truly unfolds.

Because these scenes are all too often short and fleeting, we decided to get to know some of modern media’s iconic libraries a little better. Analysing what we see on screen, we dissected their layouts and studied their features to create a series of fun and inspiring floorplans.


It gives just some idea how much thought goes into creating these spaces. Take Game of Throne’s Citadel. Did you know its incredible library towers as many as thirteen stories upwards, and has an impressive list of real-world architectural styles on show; including Egyptian, Mayan, Greek and Roman?

Though this masterpiece of a library only exists with the help of modern CGI, not all of the industry’s most famous reading rooms are faked. Shermer High School Library serves as the setting for 80’s classic The Breakfast Club, but you’d be wrong to assume it was some set in a Hollywood studio. In fact, it’s a real school library in Des Plaines, Illinois that’s still in use to this day.

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