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How to Create a Flexible, Stylish Home Office That Everyone Can Enjoy

If you work from home or need a space to study, we can help you to create a stylish home office that perfectly suits your needs. Whether it’s a formal 9 to 5 work space to combat the daily commute, a creative studio or a quiet place to read, write or learn, everything is possible and within reach when you consider bespoke solutions.

While home offices need to be practical, there’s nothing in the rule book that says they need to be boring. They’re part of your home, so why not make your space as stylish as you would with your lounge or bedroom? If it’s somewhere to work, you need things around you that motivate and inspire you. If it’s somewhere to study, make room for books and a cosy space to sit.

Dual Home Office Space

A place for everything

What are the key items you’ll use in this area? Consider bespoke storage for laptops, printers and paperwork so that they’re out of sight when not in use. Clever open shelving that maximises every inch of space is a great option. Think about a tall library-style configuration with a ladder that utilises the height of the room or if you spend most of your day in the office maybe you could include a unique area for a coffee machine. When it comes to creating bespoke storage, your high ceilings or awkward corners could be your best friend.

Mood lighting

If you’re working at a screen or doing lots of paperwork or creative work, good lighting is a must. Position desks near windows and make space for desk lamps for focussed work. Integrate subtle lighting into shelf spaces to create a warm and ambient glow. Define your work zone with lighting; spotlights over your desk space could give it a different ‘feel’ to other parts of the room.

Stylish Home Office

Hidden hubs

Office desks and chairs can overtake your floor space so why not conceal them behind floor-to-ceiling cabinetry or behind doors. This allows you to give your room a dual purpose when you’re not using it for work. Our experts will design a bespoke solution based on your room’s layout and your individual specification. If you have kids who need a quiet space in which to do their homework, maybe you can include a zone that’s specially made for them. Having a dedicated workspace frees up the rest of your home for fun and relaxation. Because you know you can ‘switch off’ from work mode while you’re in your lounge, kitchen and bedroom it helps to encourage a sense of harmony and balance.

Cable management

Wires snaking across floors wouldn’t be allowed in a corporate environment so why put up with it when you’re working from home. Not only are they unsightly, they’re a trip hazard too. When planning your stylish home office, considering where to put your power points is a priority. Our designers have a number of great solutions including ‘pop-up’ sockets and cable tidies that simply slide back inside the furniture after use.

To find out how a bespoke stylish home office could transform the way you live and work, request our 2019 brochure or book your free design visit today.

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