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Grey Living Room Ideas

When considering the colour scheme in your living room, grey can be an attractive choice. It might not seem like the most exciting option, but it’s a colour that’s taken the design world by storm. When done right, grey living rooms can look effortlessly sophisticated and provide you with an incredible palette in which to add pops of brighter, bolder tones.

The living room is the heart of the home and somewhere that you’ll likely want to look both stylish for guests yet cosy for everyday use. From choosing the right shade of grey for your space to applying it successfully to your walls and furnishings, explore this versatile colour with our grey living room inspiration below.

Dark and light grey living room ideas

Grey is a colour that suits both small and large spaces. When it comes to deciding on a specific shade for your living room, Neville Johnson boasts a plethora of options.

Softer grey tones evoke a comforting vibe and are perfect if you want your space to be a haven for relaxation. If you want to make a statement, experiment with some dark grey living room ideas. You can balance out a more dramatic aesthetic with bright accessories and furnishings. Consider bold shades, multi-coloured artwork or a concrete-finish cabinet from our Modern Grey Lounge collection.

Grey living room walls

One of the easiest ways to inject softer tones of this universally-popular shade into your living room is painting the walls. Light grey living room walls can look very effective, and it’s even possible to add depth by using several different shades simultaneously.

Layer up your grey tones to create an elegantly coordinated look. Paint walls one shade, choose a sofa in another and add a few finishing touches, such as dark grey picture frames or a grey mirror.

Grey also pairs well with various neutral tones, whether cream and taupe or black and white. Love a bit of colour? Yellow, navy and emerald green are all ideal options.

Cosy grey living rooms ideas

If you’re worried that a light grey living room will look cold, that really is a misconception. With some carefully chosen furnishings, a few pops of colour and some soft textures, it’s easy to create a cosy oasis that you’ll want to spend all your time in.

An inviting sofa in a complementary jewel tone will instantly make your space seem more attractive. Top it off with cushions and throws, or invest in a luxurious velvet pouffe. You could also introduce warm colours, from dusky pink to burnt orange, through your curtains, shelving or even with a patterned rug.

Grey living room inspiration

If you’re still stuck on exactly how to incorporate this timeless colour into your home, consider one of the following grey living room ideas.

Discover bespoke fitted furniture that’ll pair perfectly with your gorgeous grey living room ideas in our Neville Johnson collection. Request a free design visit or discover even more inspiration by ordering a brochure.