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As seen in The Times, our brand new furniture collections: Eden, Deco and Juvel

At Neville Johnson, we’re dedicated to designing beautiful, bespoke bedroom furniture that helps you create the perfect environment for a restful night’s sleep – and with that in mind, we’re delighted to unveil our three newest looks; Eden, Deco and Juvel.

Making their debut in The Times this month, these three stunning designs combine intricate detailing, classical styling and a luxuriously boutique feel to spectacular effect – each with the ability to unlock any room’s potential to become a gorgeous designer haven where the stresses of the day will simply melt away.

A good night’s sleep…

We all know how a poor night’s sleep can adversely impact us the next day, especially if it happens to be a workday.

In fact, as reported in The Times, our recent research discovered a massive 38% of people said they found it hard to be productive after a bad night.

Though we may find it tricky to control child or pet-related disturbances, we are able to control our bedroom environment – and creating a space where the sole aims are relaxation and repose is shown to have a strongly positive effect on the quality of our sleep.

Sleep experts recommend keeping bedrooms simple, calm and dark, swapping clutter for clever storage and choosing soothing colours, soft fabrics and gentle lighting for a sanctuary-like space that encourages restorative nights.

The Concept behind the Collection

These three gorgeous new designs embrace abstract lines and flowing shapes, and blend them with classic styling for a designer look that will stand the test of time.

Eden, painted in Orchid

Eden unites intricate concentrics and a lightness of touch for the ultimate in elegance and artistic simplicity. Painted here in Orchid, a soft and airy white, the intricacy of the fretwork patterns paired against the mirrored doors really allows light to flood the bedroom space.

Juvel, painted in Chicory

The delicacy of Juvel lends a touch of sophistication to any scheme, a subtle statement sure to elevate your bedroom to all-new heights. Shown here in our exclusive sage green, Chicory, Juvel combines timeless elegance with a modern flair for a design that is truly unique.


With its contemporary geometrics, Deco brings the luxe of the roaring twenties bang up-to-date, and works as well in lighter or brighter hues as it does in deep, dramatic tones.

Each inspired by the best boutique bedrooms and decadent dressing spaces, we wanted to channel the ultimate in opulence and luxury and meld it with the designer flair, superb craftsmanship and unconditional practicality that is the hallmark of a Neville Johnson piece.

And, conscious of the need in many homes to retain a bright and airy feel no matter how dramatic the colour of your cabinetry, all three designs feature mirrored doors which magnify and bounce all available light freely throughout the bedroom space.

The Beauty of Bespoke

Naturally, as with all our designs, Eden, Deco and Juvel can be configured to the unique requirements of any room and clothing collection, seamlessly enabling the excellent organisation so crucial to a peaceful night.

Being bespoke, our expert designers are able both to maximise every inch of space without dominating your room, and to incorporate individual elements to suit your lifestyle perfectly. 

With nothing wasted from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, the scope to add innovative elements like drop-down hanger rails, vanity mirrors, integral lighting, open shelving and even overbed storage is immense. 

Island Life

Have plenty of space? Incorporating a fabulous island into your design will offer even more storage, not to mention transforming your bedroom into the pinnacle of dressing room luxe. Here, a formerly uninspired area has been transformed into a designer dressing space worthy of the best.

The symmetrical layout of the wardrobes reflects all the light from this magnificent feature window to beautifully illuminate the space beyond – an effect further enhanced by the glass surface of the spacious island, which provides both additional storage and a wonderful focal point within the dressing area. 

Our talented team have even created a made-to-measure window seat that takes in the stunning views beyond, adding further storage and the dreamiest of multifunction – after all, can you think of a more sublime space to rest, read and relax?

Spoilt for Colour Choice

In the schemes featured in The Times, our designers paired the gentle concentrics of Eden with our soft, off-white orchid paint, the dramatic geometrics of Deco with lush, deep charcoal and the delicate abstracts of Juvel with calming chicory.

But of course, each design is available in any one of the 70 plus colours in our exclusive palette, meaning you are truly able to create the space of your dreams – one which effortlessly ties into the wider aesthetic of your home.

From dusky tones like lobelia, harlequin and slate, through statement shades such as lithodora, charcoal and inky sky to airy hues like orchid, sorrel, chicory and sage, a finished Neville Johnson bedroom will be as individual as its owner.

Prefer a wood finish? Running the spectrum from white larch to black oak, you’re sure to find your perfect match among our extensive range of top quality finishes and materials.

All you need for a Sleep Oasis

We spend a third of our lives asleep, and even more of it in our bedrooms, winding down and dressing up – so creating a beautiful space that ensures you rise with a smile is a worthwhile indulgence that will bring true value to you and your home.

Here at Neville Johnson, our talented team are experts are transforming cluttered bedrooms into soothing oases, creating sleep-inducing sanctuaries that are the perfect place for sublime slumber – and this new collection is the embodiment of the very best of that expertise.

Discover more about our new collection at the links below: