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Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui in Your Home

Feng Shui focuses on the correlation between humans and the universe and how harmony, good fortune, wellness and happiness can be invited through the arrangement of objects, patterns and the layout of our homes. In the 20th century, Feng Shui in your home has become progressively popular, with many interior designers embracing the main principles when creating a room.

In the Hallway

To encourage a flow of good energy throughout the home, the hallway should be free from clutter. Dark corners should have mirrors or furniture with reflective surfaces to avoid negative energy from getting trapped. Feng Shui practitioners would suggest placing bookshelves near the entrance to further enhance the flow of positive energy and stimulate learning. It’s also a lovely feature to have and is a talking point for house guests. Rather than choosing an off-the-peg solution, made-to-measure shelving will answer your individual requirements, maximise the space you have and will ensure floor space isn’t restricted in any way.

In the Lounge

This is the room where you relax and entertain visitors. Make sure it has a welcoming feel by keeping it free from clutter and unnecessary items. Make sure the things you need to have to hand, but don’t need to have on show, are neatly concealed in drawers or cupboards. Open each window in the room for at least nine minutes to dispel any stale energy and to encourage fresh air to flow through your room.

Contemporary Lounge

Bespoke lounge furniture with cabinetry that has rounded edges and curved shelving is not only a practical way to keep your space clutter-free, curves are thought to promote good energy flow, as are circular coffee tables and curvy cuddle chairs. If you have lots of hard edges, use mirrors to deflect negative energy and reflect good energy around the room. They’re also great for enhancing the flow of natural daylight, making your room look bigger, brighter and more inviting. Use peaceful colours that evoke nature, such as green and pale blue to generate a sense of harmony. Avoid harsh, garish colours on walls to encourage feelings of calm and relaxation. Plants, wind-chimes and water features are also favoured in living spaces as they are thought to encourage good Feng Shui.

 Stylish Oak Study Furniture

In the Bedroom

Good Feng Shui in the bedroom can enhance the quality of your sleep – and your dreams. According to Feng Shui, this is the room where we seek restoration, balance, and peace. If you have a TV in your bedroom the electricity it generates disrupts the room’s quiet energy, so it’s a good idea to conceal it within bespoke cabinetry when it’s not in use – Neville Johnson’s handmade Levigo doors are a stylish option. Choose a neutral colour scheme that will maintain the quiet energy of your bedroom; powder blue, pastel greens, creams and soft dove greys are excellent choices.

 Shaker Style Fitted Wardrobes

Read our top tips for creating good Feng Shui in your home:

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