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This Barbie is… Pink! Embracing pink interiors with our favourite dressing room designs

In the world of interior design, trends come and go, but pink really seems to be here to stay. From Rose Quartz in 2016, Living Coral in 2019 and Viva Magenta in 2023 – pink has always been a focus for Pantone’s colour of the year for the 2000’s. And now, fueled by the immensely successful Barbie film, which has grossed over $775 million in less than two weeks of its release, pink is more important than ever.

Pink has evolved far beyond the youthful femininity it has historically been associated with. The emergence of the ‘Barbiecore’ trend means pink has taken a sophisticated turn for all areas of the home. However, there’s no denying pink has truly found its place in bedrooms and dressing rooms, as the perfect choice for those wanting to create a fun and feminine space, no matter what age!

Rediscovering Pink with Barbiecore

Credit: Instagram @bornzesty (dressing room by Neville Johnson)

The Barbiecore trend pays homage to the iconic doll’s aesthetic, reimagining pink beyond its stereotypical connotations. It embraces a blend of nostalgic glam and modern chic, offering a more refined take on the colour. Channeling Barbiecore offers a chance to reminisce while embracing an evolved sense of taste and style.

Pink as a Fun and Feminine Canvas

Dressing rooms are personal sanctuaries where one’s style and personality come to life. Incorporating pink into these spaces can be refreshing and inspiring.

Pink works wonderfully as an accent for something more subtle. But this Neville Johnson dressing room for @stephstafford showcases a full pink room solution. From doors to skirting boards, the whole room is engulfed in this gorgeous shade, injecting character and energy into the room.

Credit: Instagram @stephstafford (dressing room by Neville Johnson)

Bespoke pink dressing rooms

Neville Johnson have always embraced colour in the home, we truly believe colour can inject energy and joy into spaces, and pink is no exception. One of our favourite designs is this bespoke dressing space for Erica Davies, painted in our exclusive colour Coral Rose.

For many, having a tranquil space to unwind and recharge is essential. Pink interiors can cater to this need perfectly. Erica wanted to create a space that felt like a ‘jewellery box’ when she walked into it. This wonderfully soft pink, paired with leopard print carpet, stylish downlighting and, of course, all of her fabulous possessions, this space is the epitome of fun and feminine!

Expressive Dressing Rooms

The magic of pink lies in its versatility. Another of our favourite designs is this magically bold space painted in Watermelon Pink. Our client wanted to create something dramatic with a rich pink and gold accents. This combination elevates the ambiance, giving the room an opulent feel while maintaining the youthful spirit that pink brings. Incorporating vintage or antique elements further emphasises the refinement, blending past and present seamlessly.

The world of pink interiors has transcended its youthful origins to become a canvas of elegance and sophistication. With the Barbiecore trend redefining its perception, pink has found a place of honor in bedrooms and dressing rooms. From creating serene retreats to expressing personal style, pink offers a spectrum of possibilities to infuse spaces with warmth and character.

So, whether you’re relishing in the nostalgia of Barbie’s world or simply seeking a touch of refined femininity, consider the magic that pink can bring to your personal spaces. After all, age is just a number, and the joy of elegant pink interiors is timeless.

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