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How To Dress Your Bed Like A Stylist

Your bed and bedroom should be a soothing sanctuary, which creates peace and relaxation for the ultimate restful night’s sleep. Choose your fabrics carefully. How they feel is as important as how they look and your bed should feel like it’s begging to be nestled into. Look for the best quality cotton you can afford such as pure organic Egyptian sheets and pillow cases. They will feel soft and cool allowing your skin to breathe while you sleep.


Multiple layers on a bed not only adds comfort but looks incredibly stylish and opulent. Try mixing different textures within the same colour theme to add a touch of glamour, the beauty of this look means you can remove and add layers to suit the temperature. Our stylist chose fabrics from Harlequin and sourced the throw and cushions from the Casa Couture range at House Of Fraser, Jasper Conran at Debenhams and Housing Units. For an extra touch, she added small crystals to the Jasper Conran cushions creating sumptuous detail while maintaining a cohesive theme.


Since we spend a third of our day sleeping, investing in quality bedding is a must. Sleep scientists have proven that the quality and comfort of your mattress, sheets and pillows actually improve your sleep. When it comes to bedding options there’s a huge variety to choose from. Our stylist went for a traditional Oxford pillowcase with accent cushions, light valance and duvet cover brought together with textured throws. The Harlequin Operetta bedding with gentle ostrich feathers on a soft mink background introduces pattern and drama. Pieces like this are easily changed season to season. A clever tip is to size up with your bedding to create a more sumptuous hotel look.

With these elements in place, layered, high quality fabrics and a touch of hotel luxury styling we guarantee a good night’s sleep.

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