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Discover the Benefits of Bespoke Fitted Furniture

For over 30 years Neville Johnson has been producing bespoke fitted furniture for unique spaces across the UK. No room is too large, too small or too quirky to benefit from the luxurious and long-lasting results that can only be achieved when pieces are made to measure. According to a recent study by Rated People, home improvements including fitted storage solutions are increasing in popularity with three in four homeowners (74%) intending to start projects in 2020. So whether you want a bespoke home office, sophisticated lounge storage or beautiful bedroom solution, why wait to start planning your next project.

 Contemporary Lounge

Why Choose Fitted Furniture?

One of the main advantages of bespoke furniture is that it can fill the space and cope with any unusual characteristics. What you may consider being ‘dead space’ in a room could be a wonderful opportunity to create unique storage, allowing you to tidy away essential items or to display your favourite pieces. Having clever, discreet storage solutions built into your rooms not only helps to keep your home organised but could also add value when you come to sell your home in the future.

Turning Ideas Into Reality

Our designers are experts at turning your ideas into reality, which is why the initial design visit is so important. We can work with your existing space and create concepts that will have a transformational effect on any room. For example, where you may see an awkward corner or an obstructive alcove, we’ll see an opportunity to include it into the design to ensure no space is unused.

 Luxury Blue Lounge

Every piece of fitted furniture can be designed exclusively for you, the intended space and the items you want to store. If you have an exquisite shoe collection we’ll measure each and everyone one to ensure a perfect fit, maybe you have a rare collection of books you’d like arranged according to size or colour, or is there a piece of art you want to take pride of place between shelves. Whatever elements you wish to incorporate, storage that’s made to measure ensures your cherished items take pride of place with no space wasted.

Dream Dressing Room Project

On a recent project, our designer spent time with the client measuring every handbag, pair of shoes, shirt and dress length to ensure everything would fit seamlessly into each cabinet of this stunning dressing room.

The Possibilities Are Endless.

Blue Library

We only use the finest materials; from beautiful veneers to the latest contemporary decor finishes and luxurious paint colours. Because our range of materials and paint colours is so extensive, you’re not restricted to a specific finish for any design. Depending on how experimental you would like to be, you can choose different colours for all of your doors or backboards. You can even mix wood finishes with paint for a stunning effect.

Whichever door style, unique finish or material you opt for we also have a stunning range of handles and internal features to choose from giving you a truly unique end result.

Precision Fit

When you’ve approved the initial design for your furniture, we will undertake a meticulous survey of the space where the furniture will be installed to ensure a millimetre-perfect fit. If your room is an unusual size, awkwardly shaped or has uneven walls, our surveyors will find a solution that will provide a seamless fit.

When it’s time to install your handcrafted furniture, we never lose sight of the fact that we are working inside your home. That’s why our highly skilled joiners take the utmost care during the installation process to ensure that everything runs smoothly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Most reassuringly of all, every piece of your furniture comes with a 10-year guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.

To help you along the way when planning your next home project, we have shared a few questions often asked by clients at the initial planning stage.

What are the awkward spaces to target/be transformed?

Jamie Godfrey, Senior Designer mentions, usually the toughest and most awkward spaces are those with angles (i.e. under stairs, in the eaves of a loft conversion). We are able to take full advantage of these spaces. Sometimes, a simple piece of furniture such as a bookshelf, or display wall can fit perfectly into these spaces. Alcoves and wide hallways are often a ‘by-product’ of a renovation and should be viewed as storage opportunities, rather than awkward spaces that cannot be used. With fitted storage, a large landing or understairs area can almost always become an extra room or home office with a desk and built-in bookshelves.

 Inspired Understairs Study

How do I work out what storage solutions my home needs?

Whether you live in a large barn conversion or a Victorian terrace, there never seems to be enough storage for your needs. The first step should be to assess what spaces need decluttering and which areas can house new storage solutions. Look for dead spaces in your home; it’s impressive how empty closets, the area under the stairs or awkward nooks can be transformed. Smart planning can make the most of the tightest corners and can even add value to your home in the long run.

 Modern Home Office

Is your lounge a place where the family gathers to relax and watch TV? If you’re sick of the trailing wires or want to hide the TV when not in use, then a dedicated space for your tech is what you need. As more of us choose to work from home, having a dedicated space for your professional life makes sense. It’s surprising how many homes have areas that can be transformed into useful places – whether it’s an unused alcove to house a clever deskspace or dedicated home office where you can close the door behind you at the end of a day.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Creating storage can seem an impossible task – especially when you’ve lived in a space for a while. This is because you stop seeing a room’s potential and start seeing its limitations. A Neville Johnson designer can bring a fresh eye to your home and find opportunities that are sometimes difficult to spot. Every inch of your room will be maximised; floor to ceiling and wall to wall. If you’re looking to start your next project, why not request our free 2020 brochure or schedule a free design visit today.

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