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Style Guide: Creating a Boutique Hotel Bedroom at Home

Bedrooms are all about finding a balance between comfort, style and functionality. This is where some of the world’s most luxurious hotels have got it just right. There’s something about stepping into a boutique hotel bedroom that feeds our senses, allowing us to feel instantly relaxed and content. With more of us having the opportunity to spend time at home and with travel hindered, for the time being, it’s the perfect moment to create our own sanctuary with all of the elements that make a hotel bedroom truly memorable. Here’s how you can recreate that staycation feeling in your own home.

Boutique Hotel Bedroom

Considered Design – Eliminating Distractions

A luxury hotel is never cluttered or untidy, which in turn boosts our mood and helps us to get a better night’s sleep. When it comes to storage, you need to maximise your available space to create a sense of calm. All those carefully curated clothes, handbags and shoes neatly tucked away, ready for you to easily select from the next day. While you will want to keep most things stored away, keeping some open display storage can give you the walk-in wardrobe feel, while making a space feel larger and lighter, also allowing you to add your own stamp to the room.

 Contemporary Dressing Room

Cultivating a Space for Wellbeing and Relaxing Rituals

It’s now more important than ever to establish a space for wellbeing and self-care. With minimal distractions and a relaxed atmosphere, the bedroom is the perfect place to create this. The use of mood lighting, natural elements such as purifying plants, cosy robes to wrap yourself up in and aromatherapy candles can all aid in the process of improving your health and wellness.

A careful mix of soft, ambient lighting is crucial in the bedroom and can make a significant impact on your mood and energy levels. Natural light is an essential element when it comes to interior design providing excellent health and wellness benefits. We’re naturally inclined to sleep when it’s dark, which is why blocking out any excess light, natural or artificial when going to sleep is a good idea. As seen in boutique hotel bedrooms, a double layer of curtains or blinds is perfect for blocking out just the right amount of light for a warm and cosy feel. Blackout blinds can, however, leave you feeling sleepy on dark mornings, so try adjusting the layers using sheerer fabrics or invest in a daylight lamp to wake you up gradually.

Boutique Hotel Bedroom

Considered Colour Palette

Colour can have a surprising effect on our mood. For example, oranges and yellows have connotations of far-flung destinations, creating a sense of happiness and warmth. Cooler colours such as blues and greens can mirror nature, making our home feel tranquil and calm. Whichever colours you choose for the bedroom, make sure they all work in harmony with each other.

Lighter neutrals are a fantastic choice if you want to give the illusion of more space and light. Rather than stark whites, warmer takes on ‘classic white’ can help to create an inviting, restful retreat from the outside world. Pair these lighter shades with leather, raw woods, rattan and textured fabrics such as linen and wool, and you have a homely tranquil space to unwind.

Darker colours can work well in bedrooms helping to create a cocoon effect. Taupe, greys, silver, moody blues and gentle greens are all considered to be more refined and soothing perfect for rooms of all sizes. Not only are these strong colours perfect for injecting personality and warmth, but they can also absorb light helping to induce sleep.

Bedside Table Basics

As the bed is often the first feature, you see upon entering the bedroom, any furniture placed around them also needs to be styled to perfection. Big or small, you should start by styling your bedside table with a lamp. You can choose from either a wall-mounted lamp if you have a compact space, a minimal reading lamp or a stylish table design with a shade to create diffused light.

Think practically. You may not have enough storage within your bedside table so a beautiful trinket box, bowl or basket on the top may be the perfect solution. Adding a touch of greenery, a stack of visually pleasing books or a candle can also create an overall more rounded scheme. When it comes to styling, remember less is more, symmetry can also be key to creating a balanced aesthetic.

That Hotel Bed Feeling

There’s no better feeling than nestling into a sumptuous hotel bed at the end of a long day. Even if you have a small space to work with the bed should be the focal point, remember comfort is paramount as well as considering style and functionality. Since we spend a third of our day sleeping, investing in quality bedding is also a must. Sleep scientists have proven that the quality and comfort of your mattress, sheets and pillows improve your sleep. Here are our top tips for making a hotel bed at home:

– Choose quality bed linen. We always opt for breathable natural fibre such as pure 100% Egyptian cotton.
– Iron your sheets to get that crisp, inviting look.
– Perform your own turn-down service as you’re getting ready for bed.
– Switch to all-white bedding for a cleaner, fresher look.

Fluffy pillows of all sizes and layers of luxury cushions are both hallmarks of a hotel bed, even if you do throw most of them off before a night’s sleep. The quality of these pillows can have a considerable effect on our sleep, contributing to neck pain, back pain and general discomfort, so it’s best to invest from the start. For a bedroom to ooze with luxury it has to be a multi-sensory environment, from the surfaces you touch, the scent in the air and the lighting, they all play their part in helping you to relax.

Contemporary Dressing Room

Finishing Touches

A well-designed dressing table with a sumptuous chair is the perfect place to add a touch of glamour or cleanse the day away. If space allows it, then nothing says boutique hotel than a stylish armchair by the window or upholstered ottoman at the end of the bed. With furniture like this, you can be a little braver with colour and texture, bringing a personal, homely touch to the space.

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