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Loft Conversions: How To Create The Perfect Loft Home Study

Turning An Awkward Space Into A Functional Retreat

Lofts are often associated with being a room with an abundance of awkward spaces and corners, but in fact, they are a great opportunity to create a relaxing at-home study to retreat to. With a little help from the experts, this spare room holds wonderful potential to maxmimse space, and add value to your home.

Our new loft home study concept is the perfect example of how you can cross the obstacle of award corners using fitted furniture design.  It has been uniquely crafted to fit the exact specification of the room, from sloping ceilings to a-typical corners.

The Benefits Of Converting Your Loft Space

There are many benefits of converting your loft space into a usable room. The main being it creates a whole new level to your home, which can be used for more than just storing the Christmas tree! Lofts lend themselves to being the perfect place for creating innovative and handcrafted storage solutions, meaning that you can keep items stored neatly away in one place.

Home studies, in particular are a great solution for loft renovations. Using this space means you can keep your work-life balance at bay. Having a dedicated area for work gives you a clear distinction between rooms that are for relaxing and rooms dedicated to your work.

How The Designer Optimised The Space

With clear precise measurements and handcrafted skills, the designer was able to create wall-to-wall shelving and eaves storage as shown below. This type of shelving works perfectly for awkward features, such as the low ceilings as they lend themselves to being a perfect solution for maximising the space whilst creating a neat, symmetrical compact storage system that is both designed with style and practicality in mind.

By combining minimal decorative shelves and deep seamless cupboards for storage, you fulfil the balance of creating a study that is inspiring and useful. Adding a few homely possessions, books and foliage on the shelves add interest to the room without overpowering the design.

By having this shelving as the feature of the room, it enables a large desk to sit in the majority of the floor space of the room, meaning that you have enough space to work without possessions interfering.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to converting your loft, low sloping ceilings often mean the room can appear cramped, even with large sky lights in place! Lighter, airy colours on the walls and ceilings will help the room seem bigger and brighter. If you want to add a pop of colour or add some dramatic dark hues, back-panels are a great way to add accent colours.

In our new design, we have gone for a deep dark shade called Nightshade combined with a rustic oak wood finish. This combination bodes itself perfectly with crisp white ceilings and accents of wood throughout, for example on the desk, lampshade and window frames.

We would advise you to choose 3 key colours throughout the design and stick to them, this means you can add interest with items on the shelves and ensure the space isn’t too busy or cluttered for working in.

As the saying goes, less is more, and this is definitely a key piece of advice for creating the perfect loft home study.

Book your free visit with one of our expert designers today. Or order a Neville Johnson brochure online for even more ideas to provide you with more loft conversion inspiration.