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Clutter-free Living – When there’s a place for everything, being tidy becomes effortless

When you lead a busy life, it’s easy to let tidiness slide. If your home is looking a little too ‘lived in’ you may need a helping hand in the shape of an intelligent storage solution. Having a clutter-free living space gives your home a sense of calm making it easier to relax and unwind. Rooms with unusual or quirky layouts or sloping ceilings will benefit from bespoke storage. Stand-alone furniture can often take up additional floor and wall space, making your room look and feel smaller or more cramped; a bespoke solution will work with the dimensions of your room to maximise every inch of space. Here are a few points to help you get started.

Clutter-free 1

Dining Room and Library

1. How do you use your room?

Is your lounge a place where the family gathers to relax and watch TV? Or, is it a more formal room that you only use when you entertain guests? The way you use your room will dictate the kind of storage you need – after all, you still want everything that you use to be close to hand.

Clutter-free 2

Bright and Spacious Lounge

2. Be honest, do you really need it?

We all have items that we don’t need but can’t part with. However, we also have drawers full of ‘stuff’ such as old magazines and paperwork that can simply be thrown away. Spend time each month going through your cupboards and either ‘rehome’ or get rid of things you don’t need anymore. To make it easier, put your possessions into three categories: items to keep, to give away and items to throw away.

Clutter-free 3

Inspired Understairs Study

3. Make your nooks and crannies work for you

Specialist furniture designers see opportunities where others can’t. ‘Dead’ zones such as quirky alcoves or under-stair spaces can be transformed into useful places, with made-to-measure shelves or cabinets in a style and finish that complements your personal taste. By making the most of the storage opportunities in features like these, you can make your room look and feel more spacious.

4. Multifunctional, clutter-free spaces

If different family members use the room for various activities, you can create dedicated zones such as a reading area with bookshelves and a comfy armchair, or a study that can be hidden away when it’s time to relax.

5. Create an impression of space

With the correct storage, made exclusively for your individual needs, you will feel instantly in control. Display shelves can showcase your most prized possessions, drawers and cabinets can discreetly contain the items you need every day but don’t want to have on show. Bookshelves create a space for your favourite reads, and we can even create efficient storage that is bespoke to you and your hobbies. We can identify the best places for the furniture to help you to make the most of your room.

Clutter-free 4

6. Clever solutions

Peninsula units are perfect for larger living areas. They can create subtle segregation and are ideal places to display artwork and photographs. If you want a home cinema solution, think about mounting the TV on the wall with the wires discreetly stored away behind built-in furniture. Home cinema furniture can also hide wiring and store other technology that you don’t want on show. We can help you to plan your storage around future technology or growth, so even in years to come, you can enjoy a clutter-free space.

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