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Big ideas for small spaces – Under Stairs Design Ideas

How much of the space in your home is under-utilised or deemed too awkward to bother with? Do you have empty alcoves, understairs space or sloping ceilings that take up plenty of room but do nothing to ‘earn their keep’?

Understairs Study

At Neville Johnson we can see positives and benefits in all kinds of design challenges. We recently created a complete home study using the area under the stairs. From an unused and unremarkable awkward space, emerged a stylish study, handcrafted from the same high-quality timber as the staircase. It features millimetre perfect shelving, beautiful bespoke cabinetry and an elegant curved desk, positioned to give easy access. Contemporary display centres add to its sophisticated design and create a real talking point. This home study solution enhances the room’s existing décor using light wood and painted finishes, while making practical use of a previously neglected area.

As you can see, a bespoke home study doesn’t need to take up a whole room. In fact, if you are currently using a dining room or a spare bedroom as a home office, for the kids’ homework or just to catch up with paperwork, cleverly using awkward corners could actually add a whole new room to your home. At Neville Johnson we are experts at transforming ‘dead spaces’ into functional, dynamic areas where you can sit, read, work or relax.

Neville Johnson Study
Home Office

Unique shapes and alcoves can be re-invented as bespoke bookshelves or display centres for prized possessions. It makes sense to maximise every wonderful square inch of your home – it could bring some surprising benefits:

1. Work from home – why travel in the winter months when you could comfortably work from your very own home office. It’s amazing how much extra time you’ll have in your day when you don’t have to factor in the daily commute.

2. Catch up on emails – with a dedicated zone where you can catch up with work emails and social media you can keep the rest of your home free for family time.

3. Declutter – extra shelves and cupboards give you more storage so you have a place for your paperwork and everyday items you don’t want on show. Clearing away clutter will promote a sense of calm and when you’re organised you feel less stressed.

4. Display your personal pieces – strategically placed shelves and clever lighting can transform ‘dead spaces’ into works of art. Understairs spaces can become real conversation starters and seeing your beautiful pieces on display will reinforce your sense of well-being.

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