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Bespoke Home Library Design – Create a Quiet Corner for Relaxing Moments

Who doesn’t enjoy the company of books? Whether you’re an avid reader, a keen collector or you simply enjoy the beauty and serenity of a bookshelf. Having a library design of your own is no longer reserved for country abodes or grand mansions, no matter what type of property you have a bespoke home library can be designed to fit you and your lifestyle.

Library Design 1

Country Barn Lounge and Library

A bespoke library can enhance any room in your home. It’s a delightful addition in a bedroom, dining room or lounge. If you have a smaller, second lounge, creating a library can transform it into a cosy snug where you can escape for a little ‘me time’.

Transform Your Quirky Corners into a Talking Point

The term ‘talking point’ shouldn’t really go hand-in-hand with libraries but these days home libraries are works of art even before you start loading the shelves with your prized collection. Our designers at Neville Johnson can see opportunities in quirky alcoves and sloping ceilings and work with these features to create beautiful libraries that are full of character and personality.

Library Design 2

Dining Room and Library Design

Bespoke by Design

Each design is unique to you and your home and offers intelligent shelving solutions, inspired cabinet designs and subtle lighting to showcase your possessions. With a bespoke design, your library will meet your exact requirements from the length and depth of the shelving to the colour and finish. Shelf heights can be correctly calculated to avoid significant gaps above the books.

Maybe you want to include a drinks cabinet or drawer space for your technology? Perhaps you want to incorporate bespoke display cabinets for treasured pieces? All of this can be discussed at the design stage to ensure that every inch of your library has a purpose. If you intend to expand your book collection, this will be considered so that you have an opportunity to adjust the shelving.

Library Design 3

Blue Library

Beautifully Presented

If you have large coffee table books it’s a shame to stack them on their sides so that only the spines can be seen. One trick is to face their beautiful front covers outward – this can break the monotony of rows of books and can also disguise more tattered books that you’d like to hide away. Instead of grouping books alphabetically like you’d find in a public library, you can have fun with the sizes of your books, stacking them in height order to create shapes on your shelves or why not order them by colour to get a visual theme going. Libraries are beautiful accompaniments to any room and are always a talking point, so why not speak to us about how a bespoke library can add character to your home.

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