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Add Value to Your Home with a Neville Johnson Staircase Renovation

It’s often said that we decide on whether we like a property within seconds of walking through the front door. Essentially, this means your hallway is one of the most critical rooms when it comes to making a lasting impression. Learn how you can add value with a staircase renovation and discover how a Neville Johnson design could influence potential buyers when raising the for sale sign on your home.

The Appeal – UK Market Leaders in Staircase Renovations

Whether you like it or not, your hallway and entrance says a lot about you, your lifestyle and gives visitors an idea of what’s to come. Whatever the size of your hallway, renovating your staircase is one of the most impactful ways to revamp this space, adding value at the same time.

UK market leaders in staircase renovations, Neville Johnson, is a respected name amongst estate agents and homeowners when adding value to a house. Mentioned on Rightmove as a selling point when properties are listed, buyers are often more assured when quality brands are specified, adding extra appeal and lure to a property.

A Wise Investment

As the most frequently used room, your hallway, staircase and landing are at the heart of your home. It’s for this reason that investing in a premium staircase is a wise investment. Often home improvement shows such as George Clarke’s Old House New Home have a key focus around staircases and hallways for this very reason. This space is an incredible opportunity to create impact leaving a lasting impression.

Since the property market reopened after the first lockdown in 2020, prices have been gradually increasing. The Guardian mentioned over the past 12 months house prices have jumped by 3.7% despite the UK suffering the deepest recession since records began after unprecedented restrictions on movement. With these reports, it makes sense to take advantage of this boom and look into relatively small investments such as a staircase renovation that can easily increase property value even further.

Unique Opus Steel Staircase Design

Investing in a ‘premium’ and respected name such as Neville Johnson for home improvement ensures your interiors will look just as good in 30 years as they do today. Our exquisite unique designs will stay relevant for years to come and considered materials combined with expert craftsmanship mean quality is guaranteed.

Renovation Over Replacement

Chances are your existing staircase is structurally sound – after all, it’s an integral part of your home’s structure. The simplest way to transform your existing staircase from ‘tired’ to ‘wow’ is by staircase refurbishment. This will involve the full replacement of the newel posts, handrails, base rails and spindles with new hardwood components. Avoiding all the upheaval and disruption associated with a staircase replacement; so no plastering, joinery works, building or planning required. When you transform your existing staircase, you will be updating an essential piece of furniture and creating a stylish and welcoming environment. View some of our before and afters here.

Unique Appeal

With so many design options and materials available, you can opt for a look that chimes seamlessly with the period of your property, or you could choose a unique and unusual design that reflects your personality. Each staircase is entirely bespoke and engineered to fit your space precisely. So even if you have sloping ceilings, quirky alcoves or awkward turns, each piece is precision-engineered to consider the shape and size of your staircase for a millimetre perfect fit.

 Curved Glass Staircase

Every material in our staircase portfolio has its benefits and will be specially selected to bring out the beauty of your home. If you want an industrial look, you may choose forged steel in an antique finish; you may want a beautiful glass staircase renovation to complement a modern interior or you may prefer a traditional timber staircase with luxurious, handcrafted twists, designed exclusively for you. As well as numerous design options, there are also functional features such as slip-resistant treads – especially useful if you have young children. Anyone viewing or visiting your home will see and feel the true quality and craftsmanship of a Neville Johnson staircase. This first impression will translate to the rest of your home, leaving potential buyers, friends and family swooning.

 Curved Glass Staircase

Property desirability is maximised with a bespoke staircase renovation. Glass is the ideal material to give your staircase and hallway the perfect lift. From cut-string glass that effortlessly graces any space to stunning glass spindles for the very latest look, our designers can work with you to create an architectural delight.

As well as our classic glass and oak designs, our new curved glass staircase Is a perfect option for both new homes and renovations. Featuring our unique glass balustrade for a contemporary twist this striking staircase solution integrates solid oak with embedded downlighting for added illumination, creating a timeless yet stylish renovation.

Completely Transformed in a Little as 48 Hours

Staircases might be functional pieces of furniture, but they can also be conversation starters. From a design point of view, they aren’t as difficult to update as you might imagine. In fact, with Neville Johnson, you can give your home an incredible new look in less than 48 hours with no building work required. It’s a fast, clean and effortless way to improve the look of a room or your hallway.

Staircase Renovation Before and After

By combining glass and oak, this tired staircase was transformed into a modern masterpiece. The existing staircase has been completely revamped in a way our client didn’t think was possible. A Neville Johnson staircase replacement will last for many years so whether you’re looking to sell now or further down the quality and value of your staircase will still be there when potential buyers come knocking.

Want to add value with a staircase renovation? Whether you want a contemporary glass staircase or a stylish statement design, we’ll help you to find a solution that’s perfect for your home. Simply call or click to book a free design visit or to request a free brochure.