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A Market Rasen Renovation

Introducing our most recent renovation project in this stunning Market Rasen home. Guided by our client’s vision, our designers transformed several rooms in this property, into a sanctuaries of sophistication with dedicated functionality. From a bespoke boot room to crafting a modern library and an alcove bar, each space was tailored to reflect our client’s personality and lifestyle.

The Brief

With this multi-room brief, our client envisioned a renovation honouring the home’s historical charm while infusing it with contemporary elements tailored to their lifestyle. They wanted to create distinct spaces to enhance daily living and reflect their personality and taste.

The Bespoke Boot Room

The transformation began with creating the bespoke boot room. Our client wanted a practical yet elegant entry point to their home. The boot room features Kensington-style doors and Arlo handles, to add a touch of traditional charm, perfectly complementing the home’s Edwardian architecture while infusing the space with timeless appeal.

Within the boot room, three pull-out footwear shelves offer convenient shoe storage, ensuring that outdoor essentials are neatly organized and easily accessible. The 38mm cabinet tops, finished with in an Oxford Oak veneer, add a touch of natural beauty and warmth to the space.

The Modern Library

A standout feature of the renovation project was transforming a neglected corner into a modern library. Our designers created a space that seamlessly blends sophistication with functionality. Featuring Kensington doors, cornice, and skirting, the library exudes a timeless charm.

The library boasts extra-tall bookshelves crafted from premium materials, providing an expansive showcase for the client’s cherished books and possessions. LED lighting fixtures discreetly integrated within the shelving creates a cosy ambience.

The Alcove Bar

Our client’s wanted the perfect space for entertaning guests. The Kensington-style alcove-bar with custom-built cabinetry featuring brass hardware, offers storage for glassware, spirits, and bar accessories. The Yukon Walnut countertop and wine wrack is a stylish focal point. Thoughtful design elements such as mirrored back panels and ambient lighting fixtures enhance the bar’s look and feel.

We are so pleased with this renovation project. The collaborative effort between the client’s and our design team has resulted in a remarkable transformation of this Market Rasen home. Together, they have created a timeless sanctuary that celebrates functionality, refined taste, and the unique essence of the homeowners’ lifestyle.