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Home Design Trends for 2022

A new year offers the opportunity to indulge in some new trends and a fresh start for our homes. As we welcome 2022, a plethora of new design ideas come with it, and this year is no exception when it comes to embracing exciting opportunities for our interiors.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new concept for your home, with a new dramatic colour scheme, or simply want to introduce some smaller trends, such as more house plants or biophillia, there’s plenty to inspire this year. Here are some of our top home design trends for 2022 including some firm favourites making a comeback.

Sustainability: Renovate don’t replace

We’re delighted that the spotlight is on making more conscious buying decisions, and that extends to the ways we decorate and improve our homes. From upcycled and recycled pieces and materials to slow, considered design that is made to last, this evolving attitude is better for pockets and planet alike.

Here at Neville Johnson, we’ve long been committed to rejuvenation above replacement through our staircase transformations. Because our expert designers and installation teams work with your existing structure, we can achieve a wonderful result without the hassle – and the waste – of removal.

Biophilia & harmony with nature

Following on from the focus on sustainable design in our homes, on-trend interiors look to create a sense of harmony with the outside world. Think earthy tones, lots of natural materials like wood and cork, plenty of glass to maximise light flow and plants, plants and more plants!

With small space living on the rise and the indoor plant trend taking centre stage, there’s never been a better way to easily transform a space. A plant addition to the home is like breathing a breath of fresh air into your room décor, not only does it create a sense of calm, houseplants have NASA proven air- improving qualities. Why not create focal points in rooms, mixing plant types with different heights and textures.

Neutral Palettes

Set against its backdrop of balance and harmony, natural materials and greenery, 2022 brings neutrals back to the fore with calming tonal schemes based on paler,
muted shades. These tranquil shades – off-whites, beiges and warmer soft greys – bring new life and light to a space without dominating, and are the perfect foil for this year’s earthy palette of greens, clays and concrete.

Our Luxury Home Office, painted in our exclusive shade, Comfrey, is a fantastic example of how to introduce such a scheme into your home, with its earthy tone walls and pale calming shades used to create a beautiful wall-to-wall furniture design.

Black Accents & Monochrome Minimalism

Lots of neutrals, natural materials and planting make for a wonderful scheme… but for some, all those tonal shades are crying out for a pop of contrast. Enter black accents, a huge trend for the coming year. Adding depth and interest to a muted palette, there are lots of ways you can introduce a sophisticated punch of black into your room, including:

  1. Monochrome artworks.
  2. Accessories, like lamps, cushions, rugs, or throws.
  3. Choosing black for the edging or interiors of furniture.
  4. Choosing black hardware – from handles to staircase balustrades, like our beautiful black Opus and
    dusted oak staircase shown here.

Gorgeous Greens

Luscious, restorative and restful, our love of all shades of green in the home shows no signs of slowing as we enter the new year. This year, we’re seeing a more muted palette of avocado (as shown here, one of our exclusive paint colours), sage and olive greens – the perfect companion to 2022’s focus on bringing the outside in.

Whichever tone you choose, one thing is sure – in colour psychology, green is the colour of renewal, harmony and calm – things we can all benefit from having moreof in our busy lives.

Green Library painted in Avocadao Green

For more inspiration on what 2022 will bring for the world of interiors head over to our Instagram and Pinterest page.