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Home Office Ideas: 10 Tips For Achieving The Perfect Home Office

home office furniture

There are so many reasons to have an office in your home. Whether that’s avoiding the daily commute, being able to work outside office hours or having a creative space for your family to flourish. With a clearly defined home office, your working world need never encroach on your leisure or family space.

Almost every home has an opportunity for a home office furniture solution. Even if you can’t spare an entire room, there could be an untapped space that’s perfect for setting up everything you need to work comfortably. Here are our top 10 tips:

home office blue roma

Contemporary Loft Study

1. Feel productive

The kettle may be on hand whilst you’re working at the kitchen table, but this space isn’t a practical work environment. You’ll be distracted by other family members if you don’t live alone and even if you do, you’ll find it hard to switch off when you use the space to cook and entertain. Creating a dedicated workspace using well-designed furniture in an unused nook or even utilising the space under the stairs will make you more productive.

home office understairs

Inspired Understairs Study

2. Upstairs, downstairs

If you have the room, converting your loft, an area in your garage or the box room makes sense. The commute is reduced to just a few steps, and you can close the door on the rest of your life while you get on with making a living. It certainly beats trying to work from a laptop on your knee in the lounge or from the kitchen table.

home office open plan

Open Plan Home Office Furniture

3. Energise with light

You’ll feel more energised in a well-lit, airy space. Even if you’re converting an alcove, consider your lighting or choose an area with plenty of natural light and fresh air for your home office furniture. Install skylights or invest in ceiling dimmers and desk lamps.

4. Are you sitting comfortably?

If you’re working from home never make do with a chair that you’d use to relax in. So forget sitting at a bar stool, dining chair or armchair. Offices spend thousands of pounds on chairs for their employees that are comfortable and ergonomically designed to sit on while working at a desk. Your back will thank you if you invest in a chair that says ‘I’m at work’.

5. Equip yourself

It’s essential to have a good internet connection so make sure you have a wifi booster to strengthen the signal when you’re working from home – especially if you’re using a space that’s a long way from your router or if other people are using it as well. Make sure you have plenty of stationery, a working printer, phone charging points close to your desk and a good mobile signal. Being well-equipped provides peace of mind and allows you to work efficiently.

6. Stay organised

Mark your territory. Make sure you keep your professional papers and working documents in their own space – there’s no point getting your day-to-day notes mixed up with your domestic bills or the kids’ homework. Well-designed storage, whether it’s bespoke desk space or dedicated shelving will help you to organise your work efficiently, so make sure to consider these elements when designing your home office furniture.

home office spacious study

Bright Spacious Study

7. Give your office space style

A welcoming workspace will put you in a positive frame of mind. Give it a splash of colour or use textured wallpaper or throws to make it feel comfortable as well as professional. If you are working in a defined zone, a great tip is to paint it in a colour that complements the rest of the room but gives it a point of difference so that you can separate your workspace from your play space.

8. Cable management

Health and safety counts in your work office too so think about where your cables will be. Well-designed, bespoke office furniture considers practical aspects such as the position and number of sockets, where your computer screen will sit to reduce glare, and all those trailing wires and cables. Furniture should be built to house everything neatly, discreetly and safely.

home office dual space

Dual Office Space

9. Make your office your own

You might be working from home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t personalise your space. Shelving allows you to display pieces of art, professional awards or family photos. If you have a hobby or interest, weave aspects of what you love into your office design. While you’ll create a space to suit the needs of your job, leave a little room for your personality to shine.

10. Just add Discipline

Once your home office is up and running, you need the self-discipline and motivation to use it. An excellent way to get into work mode at home is to wear your work clothes and to give yourself a daily work schedule. If you need to fit in activities such as the school run, put it in your diary as you would a meeting to help you to avoid additional distractions.

For more ideas and inspiration about working from home in 2019, request your free Neville Johnson brochure today and discover how our stunning study designs could work for you.

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