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Wigmore Street Charity Art Exhibition Launch – A Designer Insight

This month we held a fabulous evening exhibiting the paintings of in-house talent and London based artist Cari Bateman.

The evening was in support of The Listening Place, an incredible, unique charity that offers free face-to-face support for those in crisis. We’re proud to have supported this wonderful charity. For more information and details of their work we encourage you to visit:

With complimentary nibbles and prosecco on the night, Cari was on hand to offer top tips and insightful design advice. Paul Jackson, deputy CEO of The Listening Place was also there to explain the important work of the charity.

It was a pleasure to speak to Cari at the event. It’s always inspiring to discover the artist behind the work, what they love, top tips and the story behind their beautiful pieces. Below you’ll find some highlights from our conversation including her top design advice:

Where do you find inspiration?

I literally find inspiration everywhere. By the sea, in a busy street in the rain. Someone’s accent.

What’s your top tip on creating a perfect painting?

I’d say don’t make any rash decisions until you have stepped back from your work for a minute.

Who’s your favourite artist, and how have they influenced your work?

Monet, I could look at his paintings for hours!

What’s your favourite art gallery in London? And why?

The Courtauld Gallery because it’s home to some of the most amazing impressionist paintings and some of the rooms are small and just feel like someone’s living room.

What trend would you like to see in 2018?

A continuation of bold colour and individual style within design.

Can you give us a top tip for maximising space in the home?

Be clever. Think of ways you can create the feeling of space by creating storage for clutter and allowing display areas to be just for those few pieces.

What are your top 3 interior design tips when working with clients?

I listen to what my client really requires from their space in terms of function. Work out how to make that work with the overall style of their property and then try to inject a little something extra to make it feel special for them.

Lastly how would you inject personal style into a home?

Find ways to display things of meaning to the individual such as photos or sculptures. Or even just bring in their personal taste such as favourite colours and textures.

All proceeds made from the prize draw and 15% of the proceeds made from sales went to The Listening Place.