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The Ultimate Home Style Statement – Staircase Renovations throughout the Years

As market leading experts in bespoke interiors for over 35 Years and creators of the original home office, Neville Johnson is more than qualified when it comes to creating ‘Wow Worthy’ staircase renovations.

Making a Grand Entrance

In 2009, Neville Johnson bespoke staircase renovations made their grand entrance into clients’ homes. Transforming staircases into style statements, while maintaining the structural integrity of the existing staircase. Outdated spaces became handsome hallways in as little as 1-2 days, with no major upheaval or building work.

A beautifully considered statement staircase is a hallmark of interior design intelligence. It’s often the first piece of ‘furniture’ many of us see when entering the home, and over the years it’s gone from solely being a functional piece taking you from A to B, to a beautiful feature that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

 Dark Oak Inline Glass Staircase

Just as our furniture solutions have evolved throughout the years, Neville Johnson staircase renovations have developed with the introduction of seamless designs, eye-catching finishes and sophisticated lighting technology. While innovation is key to creating future proof designs, craftsmanship is still at the forefront of our work, ensuring staircases stand the test of time.

Traditional Timber Staircase Designs

Every staircase has the potential to become something beautifully unexpected and unique. Initially, when it came to transforming homes back in 2009, the demand was for traditional timber, mainly oak. This often replaced tired ‘ranch style’ balustrades that have long since been out of favour.

Choosing a material that suits your space is just as important as the balustrade design. Every material in our staircase portfolio has its benefits and is specially selected to bring out the beauty of your home. From classic turned spindles to slim, contemporary updates that mimic traditional designs. We have expertly curated a range of timbers throughout the years which include oak, sapele, maple, beech and walnut to create a perfect entrance and an elegant first impression.

Painted timber staircases have forever been in our portfolio; however, with a current trend focusing on individuality in the home and people beginning to invest more in home improvement there’s a real resurgence in unique painted designs. Painted staircases can be finished to visually fit your home’s aesthetic and personal taste. In addition to our natural warm wood finishes, we offer a carefully curated palette of paint colours. Go bold with contrasting colour or keep things paired back with our timeless neutrals. These can be applied to all the newel post, caps, handrails, base rails, spindle styles and risers.

Modern Meets Traditional with Glass Staircase Designs

A few years after developing our first timber staircases an interest was growing in the continental, forged steel look and a range of unique designs were successfully launched. Then, with Home Interest TV shows becoming increasingly popular, glass entered into clients’ consciousness, and Neville Johnson was ready with a collection of designs to suit a range of different scenarios. From simple panels, held in place with stylish metal fittings to a sleek, seamless, in-line solution, with minimal fixtures.

 Dusted Oak Staircase with Glass Spindles

glass staircase renovation can do wonders for compact hallway and landing spaces allowing light to flow from floor to floor. Our exceptional natural timber and glass designs are as popular as ever making an appearance in period homes to modern new builds. See for yourself the transformative effect a glass staircase can have:

 Cut String Glass and Oak Staircase

 Dark Oak Inline Glass Staircase

Perfectly Irregular Steel Staircases

Staircases might be functional pieces of furniture, but they can also be conversation starters. In 2017 the unique Opus staircase was launched. Designed in-house, this registered design concept is inspired by modern architecture, that captures the skill of asymmetrical balance. Like symmetry, asymmetry is based around a central axis, but is more artful and striking, with an added character that’s not found in symmetry. The result is a stunning staircase statement you won’t come across anywhere else.

 Unique Opus Steel Staircase Design

Our steel staircases are available in a number of design styles and finishes that are unique to Neville Johnson. In 2020 we introduced our stunning Stanza concept. Its fluid, organic spindles create a regular, repeating pattern that looks wonderful in both stylishly minimal spaces and traditional homes. Available in modern steel or antique brass to complement your décor, similar to our Opus design the style works beautifully with our selection of timber finishes.

Stanza Steel Staircase

Often overlooked and taken for granted, a staircase renovation can make a real difference to the value as well as the aesthetic of your hallway. Just as we do with our bespoke furniture solutions when it comes to a staircase replacement, we carefully assess and discuss your practical needs as well as your aspirations. Your ideas, combined with inspiration from our designers, could create something beautifully unexpected and unique.

So, if you’re looking for ideas to help make the most of the smallest (but most seen) room in your home, request our free brochure today.