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Stair Tread and Riser Ideas to Suit Your Home

There are many designs and materials to consider when renovating your staircase. Bespoke staircase design also allows you to pick different materials for each part of the structure, which means endless combinations to suit each unique home. Whether you choose a single favourite material and finish or contrast your stair treads and risers, these simple elements can offer myriad aesthetics when well designed.

Modern tread and riser designs

There are many ways to give your stairs a modern update, from replacing the treads and risers with high-quality material to combining different finishes for a unique design. Our wooden staircases can be configured in endless ways to suit your home.

Consider which colours best reflect your home and how your staircase can complement your interior. Cool-toned grey wood and black oak stairs can create an industrial finish, ideal for modern homes. Pair glass panels or metal spindles to create contrast and texture within the space.

Dark riser staircase

This dark riser staircase design is a showstopping addition, featuring dark wood for an eye-catching and opulent look. The risers are finished with rich colours, making the gold steel spindles stand out.

The risers used in this staircase are heat and scratch resistant and easy to clean, perfect for busy homes with lots of foot traffic.

Grey riser staircase

Similarly, this grey riser staircase features contrasting treads and risers. This modern touch can be redesigned in colours to suit your taste. In this case, the eye is drawn to the beautiful cool grey riser from the hallway, while only the dark treads can be seen from the landing.

Classic tread and riser designs

If you’re renovating a staircase but want to keep the design traditional, there are many beautiful styles to consider. Oak treads and risers create a warm welcome in cosy family homes, pairing beautifully with wooden doors, skirting boards and flooring.

This traditional wooden staircase is a timeless example of top-to-bottom wooden staircase elements. The entire structure is finished in natural oak, a classic centrepiece in the heart of your home.

Painted tread and riser designs

Painting your staircase is a fantastic way to update the design without a complete renovation. Painted wooden stairs bring personality into your home, and you can be as bold or subtle as you like with your colour choice. Choose one shade for your treads and risers, or combine colours for an intriguing touch.

Natural treads and painted risers

Combine neutral oak treads with cream risers, like this timeless Cherwell painted staircase, for a unique but subtle finish. Our painted wooden risers are a perfect way to add personality to your hallway regardless of the shape or style of your existing staircase.

Other neutral shades like white, black, beige and grey can create classic looks to suit any space. Choose colours that match your interiors for a staircase that blends seamlessly into your home.

Contrasting painted treads and risers

This painted wooden staircase features contrasting treads and risers for a unique and eye-catching design. The monochrome colour scheme brings a modern touch into the bright and airy space, with off-white risers adding more light and freshness, while dark grey treads add depth and create a warm welcome.

Whether you have a traditional home or a modern space, painting your staircase in a bold colour can transform it into a striking design feature. Dark shades like navy blue, forest green and deep purple offer a contemporary twist on black stairs, while pastel tones like baby blue, light pink and sage green can add a subtle pop of colour to the room. Contrast bold risers with neutral or wooden treads to avoid overwhelming your space.

Ready to design your dream staircase? Book a design visit today or request a design brochure to discover how a staircase renovation could add value and aesthetic appeal to your home.