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Our Latest Blue Home Library – Enjoy bespoke furniture that’s anything but ordinary

If you visit our newly opened Guildford showroom, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. It features one of our latest bespoke furniture designs – the Blue Library. This exquisite piece of furniture is practical yet fun; it’s both eye-catching and useful. While it’s inspired by traditional open-shelved home library designs, it also features discreet cabinetry to hide away paperwork and the everyday bits and bobs that we need in our lives but don’t want cluttering our space. Beautifully arranged display shelves showcase treasured items and, of course, books.

blue home library

Blue Library

The beauty of this piece is it is unique to its space. Like all of our Neville Johnson furniture, it has been handcrafted to fit perfectly into the area in which it’s built. The inspiration was to make use of an unused alcove. The result was a made-to-measure library that is a real talking point. Rather than ‘fill’ a space, furniture like this creates space as it offers so much storage for your essential items. The blue home library realises the modern homeowner’s desire for furniture that not only ‘does’ in terms of design and practical application but also ‘is’ – it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

Its striking colour gives it so much character. Expertly (and perfectly) hand-finished in a vibrant shade of blue called Blueberry – one of over 50 exclusive paint colours available in our extensive range. This vibrant choice adds warmth, depth and interest to the furniture. Colour therapists believe different colours have different properties and purposes – blue is the colour of the mind and brings soothing, calming qualities to a room, an ideal selection for a library.

blue home library 2

Our expert designers have really thought of everything – even including ladders finished in the same Blueberry shade. This allows this wonderful feature to blend quietly into the library but also makes a great talking point. Yes, you probably can climb up them to reach the top shelf but would you really want to disturb such as exquisite arrangement?

Brushed steel accents complement the colours and lines of the library and give it a luxurious look and feel. For example, the softly rounded handles and stunning ladder rail is also a glamorous addition to a traditional concept. While libraries are historically dusty places of quiet contemplation, this stunning example blows the cobwebs off that theory with thought-provoking furniture for 2019.

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