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Our Guide to a Flawless Staircase Renovation
Our Guide to a Flawless Staircase Renovation

of homeowners believe a staircase is vital to selling a home


Creating a welcoming atmosphere when you enter your home is important, whether you are planning to sell your property or not.

As the main feature of your hallway, your staircase has the power to make or break that all-important first impression, making an immediate statement about the way the rest of your property will feel and flow.

As the UK market leaders in staircases, we can completely transform the look and feel of the heart of your home – and our research shows that you agree.

After polling 2,000 people an aesthetically pleasing hallway was voted second on homeowners’ wish list, just after kitchen renovations, and almost three-quarters of those surveyed (71%) said that a well-designed staircase is vital when it comes to selling or buying a home.

"Guaranteeing your hallway is impactful is key. A bespoke staircase is the perfect way to transform a space from something that was once tired into a space that is stylish and welcoming."
Gareth Betts, Staircase Designer - Neville Johnson

Though one-third of our survey respondents admitted they were ashamed of their current staircase, the idea that a renovation would be time-consuming and disruptive was cited as the main reason they hadn’t moved to make a change.

Luckily, this is a misconception. Unlike most other home improvements, upgrading your staircase can actually be achieved with a minimum of fuss.

We work from the existing structure of your staircase, meaning our bespoke renovations can be completed in 48 hours, with no building work needed and an end-to-end service that takes away all the hassle.

In place of mess and stress, you’ll be left with a stunning, handcrafted design statement that will set the right tone for your home for many years to come.

With that in mind, let’s look at how you can choose the right design to transform the heart of your home.

So, why haven't you considered a staircase renovation?

Designing the perfect staircase for you

Glass staircases

The contemporary elegance of a glass staircase brings period properties into the moment, and lends style and character to modern homes.

But, whether your property is new or old, glass really comes into its own wherever there is a need for extra light or spaciousness.

Allowing natural light to flood through from spaces above and beyond, glass is a wonderful choice for narrow and dark hallways.

Top Tip

For an additional boost to dark hallways, incorporate integrated lighting into your staircase design.

Having another layer of light brightens the whole area, adds an extra element of visual interest and helps give the illusion of extra space.

In hallways with straight staircases, glass creates an open-plan aesthetic that makes the whole space feel bigger, while those with curves or multiple floors ensure a perfect flow from one area to another.

From inline glass that slots seamlessly into the woodwork to cut glass panels secured by our beautiful, modernist brushed steel clamps; straight spindles to curved or asymmetric panels, our huge range of glass staircase options allows you to create a showstopping design that is unique to your style and home.

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Steel Staircases

Steel brings a touch of drama to your home while still allowing natural light to flow unencumbered, making it the ideal choice for larger hallways crying out for an artistic statement piece.

Our stunning steel balustrades and panels range from sculptural and dramatic to the fluid and organic.

Elegant and distinctive; striking yet subtle, they pair perfectly with any of our quality timber finishes, allowing you to embrace the trend for combining metal and natural materials with ease.

They also blend beautifully within mixed material designs that combine glass, timber and steel for an utterly unique style.

Our steel staircase designs are available in modern steel or antique brass as well as a number of powder-coated colour finishes including copper, brushed gold and matt black, so you can dare to be as different as you please!

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Wooden / Painted Staircases

Appealing to all lovers of fine things and skilled craftmanship, the warmth, tactile feel and sheer versatility of timber makes it a timeless favourite in staircase design.

A great way to keep an element of the traditional in your home, but with a modern twist, we have a huge range of options available when it comes to designing your wooden or painted staircase.

Whether you opt for a natural finish like traditional oak, maple or walnut, something more modern, like our dusted oak, or a painted finish that suits your décor, the possibilities are truly endless.

And, by mixing and matching from our wide range of timeless and modern-style spindles and newels, you can create a completely customised look that works perfectly in your home, no matter its style or age.

Painted staircase inspiration

A Timeless Classic

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your timber staircase transformation, our recent survey pinpointed one scheme in particular that is timeless and up-to-date in equal measure – and that’s a contemporary monochrome look.

Popular across the entire home, not just the hallway, monochrome is the epitome of an elegant and impactful palette, with plenty of soft, pale colour to bounce light and touches of deep, dark shades to add sophisticated glamour.

In our survey, one in five people chose classic black and white hallways as the most aesthetically pleasing over more natural. “blank canvas” interior styles.

And when it came to our own staircase designs, over a third of our respondents picked out this beautiful, New England-style monochromatic look as their favourite.

Teaming our fabulous new Boston Newel staircase with a black and white chequered tile floor, our design expert has contrasted a paint finish in soft Sorrel, an exclusive neutral from our extensive palette, with the drama and depth of our Jacobean Oak handrail and treads.

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The Neville Johnson staircase renovation experience


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To begin your own journey to a Neville Johnson transformation, take a little time first to browse through our designs and note which styles and finsihes you particularly like. View our popular designs.

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Meet Our Experts

One of our experienced designers will visit you in your home and spend time with you to get a real feel for the space, discuss your ideas and take you through all the options available. They will help you see how each beautiful finish would look in your home.

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Detailed Survey & CAD Drawings

Once you agree the plans for your staircase, one of our surveyors will perform a meticulous survey of the space, making sure the structure is sufficiently sound and  double-checking the smallest details for a seamless, fuss-free fit for your new staircase


The Personal Touch

At this stage, you will be assigned your own personal client liaison coordinator, whose role is to assist and guide you through every part of the process.


Making Your Staircase

At Neville Johnson, we fuse the latest modern technology with traditional, time-honoured techniques to ensure beautiful results for every individual part of your staircase. Our skilled craftspeople make every element from the finest quality materials here in our purpose-built UK factory.


The Installation

Because we use the structure of your existing staircase as a base and renovate every element by hand from the finest quality timber, glass or steel, there is no building work required to fit your Neville Johnson staircase – that’s how we can transform your space in as little as 48 hours.


Aftercare & Guarantee

With an ISO 9001:2015, the premier industry quality accreditation scheme, you can be assured we will deliver consistently high standards in our work.

In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our product and service that we offer a 1-year guarantee on all of our staircases.

“A staircase replacement is an easy service that will typically take 48 hours with Neville Johnson. There will be no need to factor in time away from your home due to disruptions with the easy and hassle-free process”

Gareth Betts, Staircase Designer - Neville Johnson

Why Neville Johnson?

As the UK market leaders in the finest staircase renovations and fitted furniture solutions, you’re in very capable hands for your custom-handcrafted home renovations.

Our designs combine the flair of the UK’s top designers with the time-honoured skills of traditional craftspeople, while our huge choice of quality materials, colours and finishes mean  we are able to offer a level of bespoke design unrivalled elsewhere in the market.

But more than this, we know that beautiful, bespoke Neville Johnson Staircases has the power to redefine almost any home quickly, and with a minimum of fuss.

Begin your Neville Johnson journey.

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