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Fitted Wardrobes for Sloping Ceilings

Make the most of your loft space with fitted wardrobes for sloping ceilings. These rooms are often overlooked in the home and sometimes left unused or untidy. It can be tricky to find suitable furniture for their awkward configurations.

It’s vital to make the most of any available space in your loft, so this is where fitted wardrobes come in, helping you use every inch and awkward alcove.

What are the benefits of fitted wardrobes?

Wardrobes for sloping ceilings are the ideal storage solution in loft conversions. They sit flush to the walls and ceilings, allowing you to maximise space in any room.

A fitted wardrobe can store your belongings neatly away in one unit, rather than having multiple pieces of furniture. This is particularly helpful in loft spaces with sloped ceilings, which tend to be smaller than other rooms in your home.

Sloped ceiling closet solutions

If you’re converting a loft into an extra bedroom, home office or dressing room, angled wardrobes offer plenty of storage and can be tailored to your needs. These are some of the best sloped ceiling closet solutions here.

Angled wardrobes

Angled wardrobes are fitted to sloping ceilings, offering a neat finish whilst maximising storage space. They can be as deep or narrow as the room allows. Whilst angled wardrobes might have a unique configuration, you’ll still have plenty of room to store clothing and other items. Choose rails, drawers or open shelving to suit your needs.

Multi-purpose fitted wardrobes

Bespoke fitted wardrobes can be configured to suit your requirements. For example, fitted wardrobes and cabinets could integrate a desk if you have a home office loft conversion. If your loft is used as a bedroom, why not include a television or open bookshelves to create a multi-purpose unit?

Fitted wardrobes can also be installed in a larger cupboard to keep towels and bedding. Alternatively, you could convert this space into a walk-in closet, allowing more room for other furniture in the bedroom.

Low wardrobes for sloping ceilings

Even if you’re installing fitted wardrobes in a small room with low ceilings, you can still enjoy plenty of storage space! Combining doors or drawers with open shelving can help make the room look bigger, or opt for mirrors and lighter colours to brighten things up.

Bespoke wardrobes for low ceilings

At Neville Johnson, we create bespoke fitted wardrobes, made-to-measure for your home. With over 60 colours and finishes to choose from, you’re bound to find a style you love, whatever your aesthetic preference. Our team of experts are here to help you achieve unique fitted wardrobes that complement your home’s existing interior design.