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Maximizing Your Space: Eaves Storage Ideas for a More Organized Home

In the quest for ample storage space at home, we often face the challenge of where to stow away our belongings. If you’re searching for innovative storage solutions that are both neat and easily accessible, have you considered the untapped potential of your eaves?

Eaves, those interior spaces beneath a sloping roof and along the walls, are like the hidden corners of your property—the edges of an attic, to be precise. These often-neglected spaces can be transformed into stylish and functional storage areas. Let’s delve into the world of eave storage design.

The Versatility of Eave Storage

Whether your attic serves as a storage room or has transformed into a study or bedroom, there’s untapped potential in those nooks below the sloping roof. Don’t let that space go to waste; eaves storage is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Eaves storage offers more storage freedom and is also discreetly tucked away at the top of your home, making it versatile in terms of aesthetics. You can turn them into visually appealing displays or keep them practical for storing luggage, bed linens, cherished mementoes, and more.

Tailored Storage Solutions for Your Eaves

Starting with custom shelves is an excellent idea if you’re ready to make the most of your loft space. A customized three or four-row shelving unit can accommodate items you want to showcase or keep organized, freeing up valuable floor space. This is particularly handy for a home office, ensuring you can easily access important documents without hassle. 

For those utilizing the attic as a bedroom, consider carving out a section of the eave above the headboard for books, small plants, reading glasses, or a nightlight. This minimal and unobtrusive design complements white or grey walls beautifully.

For more oversized storage items, explore the possibility of custom-made drawers that fit seamlessly into the eaves. You can label them for easy organization, designating one for spare shoes and another for school memorabilia. Keep them sleek with matte black and white finishes, or add a splash of colour for quick visual identification.

Elevate Your Space with Eave Wardrobes

Living in an attic doesn’t mean you have to compromise on wardrobe space. Spare coats, suitcases, clothing, and bedding can all find a home in a bespoke wardrobe designed to match the contours of your ceiling. Fitted wardrobes seamlessly blend with your existing furnishings, offering flexibility in design.

When planning your wardrobe, consider how you will use it to ensure optimal functionality. For instance, install a clothes railing at a height that’s easily reachable for you or your family members. Additionally, wardrobes divided into multiple sections, with larger storage on one end and a separate ‘box’ on the other, provide enhanced storage flexibility.

Pairing an angled wardrobe with a desk or dressing table is a smart choice, especially for a guest bedroom. Include a mirror to complete the setup. Continue reading to explore more styles and uses for fitted wardrobes under sloped ceilings.

 Explore Eave Bookcases

A well-fitted bookcase can transform your loft into a cosy reading nook or a display area for cherished items. The placement of the bookcase should align with your intended use. Create a reading spot with cushions, a beanbag, or a low chair in an eave with ample natural light. Alternatively, use the bookcase to showcase photo albums or collectables; in this case, a darker corner may be more suitable.

Consider the height of your bookcase based on the number of items you need to store and categorize. Opt for a low, horizontal bookcase if you have a modest collection, allowing you to decorate the wall above or stack additional items on top. Alternatively, a “step” case can gradually ascend into the corner of the room, providing complete control over accessibility.

 Elevate Your Storage with Bespoke Eaves Furniture from Neville Johnson

Converting your attic space can address numerous storage needs. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized array of drawers, doors, shelves, and trunks to house items that may not warrant a prominent place in your home but are still essential. With bespoke eaves furniture, storage becomes an art form.

At Neville Johnson, we take care of the entire project for you. Explore our range of fitted wardrobes, bookcases and more, featuring a wide selection of materials and finishes. Your eaves are our next creative challenge. Request a complimentary consultation with one of our expert consultants to get started.