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Colour can have a surprising effect on your mood and overall feel of your home. When it comes to choosing the right shade, it comes down to your personal preference above anything else. A good place to start is by looking at the existing décor in your home for ideas. Painting your walls magnolia is a thing of the past and sourcing inspiration from current trends, Pinterest, magazines and even other people’s homes are also fantastic tools.

Our home is a personal environment for you and your family, so the colours need to feel right. Here are three top tips for choosing the perfect shade.

Think about mood

Consider the function of a room and the mood you want to portray before choosing your palette. Colour can have a surprising effect on our wellbeing and happiness. For example, oranges and yellows have connotations of far flung destinations creating a sense of happiness and warmth. Cooler colours such as blues and greens can mirror nature making our home feel tranquil and calm. These colours are fantastic for bedrooms and bathrooms, places where you want to relax and unwind. Do think about balancing cooler tones out with warm neutrals, this will make sure the room still feels inviting and comfortable.

If you want a bold playful feel, either for the dining room or children’s bedroom we suggest creating a neutral base, then adding accent daring walls and accessories throughout. A large screen print for example, on a bright block colour wall can create amazing impact in a dining room.

Shades of navy blue and sage green

Test your colour choices before you commit

You may have the perfect shade in mind, however this may not create the overall aesthetic you were looking for when painted on a large scale. Narrow your colour choices down and test before you commit to painting a full wall! Many paint suppliers offer sample services and pots to take away. One way to test the colour, without even putting a brush to the wall is by trialing the samples on a large piece of card placing this close to your wall. This way you can test the colour in various light and spaces making your decision a lot easier.

Use accent colour

Left image: Farrow & Ball | Middle image: House & Garden | Right image: Neville Johnson

Colour can make us feel motivated, calm and even create confidence. However most of us are afraid of using daring shades especially in large areas. It’s important to think about the flow of your home as a whole. If you’re only wanting to redecorate only one room perhaps use accent colours, to mirror schemes from other spaces around your property. You don’t always need to paint floor-to-ceiling walls to make a huge impact. Using an accent colour to complement neutrals can be a great way to add personality. Use wall art to help mirror colour throughout a space, bold rugs to break up flooring or statement furniture to pull a scheme together making your room work as a whole.

If you’re drawn to soft romantic pinks or botanical greens and don’t want to add bold colour to your walls, use soft furnishings and decorative accessories instead. Trends like these may come and go, if you feel like changing your colour palette next season this is an easy, cost-effective way to do so.



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