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5 Key Benefits of having an Orangery or Garden Room Extension

Most of us are likely to have experienced pressure on our living spaces over the past year or so.  Throughout the pandemic, our homes have had to perform a number of other functions, from home working to home schooling and more, all of which has created a requirement for additional flexible living space.

These factors and a number of others have helped to drive an even greater demand for quality home extensions that add space and value, with orangeries and garden rooms (and other similar types of glazed extensions) leading the way. So who better than our friends at David Salisbury, widely recognised as market leaders, to provide some expert advice on the key benefits of extending your home with a luxurious timber orangery?

Neville Johnson and David Salisbury share the same ethos of creating bespoke, timeless designs that have transformed many well-appointed residential properties all around the country – inspirational ideas and careful planning are the hallmarks of every such project, so here are 5 key benefits to help kick start your thinking.

1.Natural Light

The benefits of natural light, for our physical and mental well-being, are well-documented and, if anything, the effects of being at home during the pandemic have served to further underline this need.  Older properties often suffer from lower light levels so the addition of an orangery or garden room, with generous proportions of glazing and a roof lantern, will immediately increase light levels within your home.

The situation of your property, its architecture and surrounding environment will all influence the final design, but whatever the case, an orangery or garden room will provide a light-filled room to be enjoyed all year round.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Living

Creating a seamless link between indoors and outside, there is nothing quite like a glazed extension with bi-fold or French doors to bring your garden closer to home.

Being able to effortlessly move from inside to out, ensuring the vagaries of the weather are taken into account, is often an important part of being able to enjoy our gardens and entertain friends and family.  An orangery or garden room will help transform your enjoyment of your home and living space.

3. Adding Flexible Living Space

Improving your home with this type of multi-functional living space can help serve a wide range of purposes, whether it be as a dining or living room, or place for relaxing or entertaining.  For those working at home, getting the environment right is essential for productivity – an orangery can do just this, with its combination of natural light and calming atmosphere.

4. Closer to Nature

Design that brings people closer to the natural environment has been an increasing trend in recent years, mainly due to the positive impacts on our health and well-being. Known as ‘biophilic design,’ perhaps one of the more obvious examples of this style in a residential context has been the increase in demand for orangery and garden room extensions.

Usually providing panoramic views, due to their glazed walls and windows, adding an orangery to your home will immediately bring you closer to your garden and to nature in general.

5. Adding Value

Installing an orangery or garden room will not only add multi-functional living space, it will also add significant value to your property.

This uplift in value will obviously vary according to the size, scope and specification of the design – but working with a trusted brand like David Salisbury will ensure a luxurious overall finish, that can be enjoyed for years to come.

So that’s just five of the key benefits that adding an orangery or garden room to your home will provide.  As with any significant building or home improvement project, the starting point should always be to seek some expert professional advice.

How do I find out more?

If the idea of extending and transforming your home with an orangery or garden room sounds just right for you, visit the David Salisbury website and request a copy of their inspirational brochure.