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Landing Banister Ideas to Elevate your Space

Banisters are more than a safety feature; they’re an essential element of beautiful staircase design. At Neville Johnson, our many materials and colours let you create a unique focal point that stretches through your hall, stairs and landing. Explore a handful of our banister design ideas here and start planning your staircase renovation today.

Beautiful landing banister design ideas for every space

Whether renovating the staircase in your contemporary space or creating a welcoming centrepiece in a family home, our designers know how to pick materials that work for your taste.

Modern metal banisters

Metal landing banisters are a sleek, contemporary choice for modern homes. This glass and steel staircase is a beautiful example of combining materials for a showstopping industrial finish; the minimal design uses silver steel and transparent glass to maximise natural light. Simplicity at its best, this staircase with a metal banister can also offer a subtle contrast to more traditional interiors.

This designer staircase is another example of how a metal banister can help create a cohesive space. The brushed steel handrail is square, a subtle alternative to a traditional round banister, giving this design a contemporary edge that sets it apart.

Traditional oak banisters

Wooden staircases can take pride of place in your home as your interiors change over the years, and oak landing banisters are a timeless feature. Whether designing a staircase for a family home or a contemporary space, a quality oak banister is a versatile blank canvas.

Our beautiful wooden handrails look perfect in their natural state. This oak and glass staircase enjoys texture and depth thanks to its contrasting materials. The wood’s natural finish creates a welcoming atmosphere that flows from top to bottom. Similarly, this elegant glass spindle staircase showcases the quality of the wood with a smooth, minimal wooden banister.

Add an ornate touch to your wooden banister with some subtle carving, like this traditional oak staircase. The handrail is finished with an elegantly curved volute complementing its carved, twisted spindles, adding drama to the home’s entrance. This grand Tudor oak staircase is another eye-catching feature, with curved volute entry detail that suits its hallway beautifully.

At Neville Johnson, our expert designers are on-hand to help you achieve your dream staircase. Request a free brochure to gather inspiration and start thinking about which materials will work in your home. Or book a free design consultation for advice from an expert and to learn more about our bespoke products and services.